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Hi I'm Madeleine

I grew up in the tropics of australia where i always wanted to be a ballerina now i work in a bookshop. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

im a pretty happy go lucky person. when i was a little girl i wanted to be a ballerina like most little girls do i studied RAD ,Cecchetti and CAD but by the age of 10 i had come to the realisation that i would never be a professional ballerina so i decided i wanted to teach dance instead. by the age of 15 i was teaching CDA dance to children. i retired from dance at the age of 19 after a knee injury but i had had a good hall getting to not only teach but also preform as a dancer in quite a large a production of Guys and Dolls that ran for 2 weeks and was sold out. i then decided to follow my second passion in life which is the written word and now work in a bookshop where i get to read all the new sci-fi and fantasy books for both adults and children and then discus the books with customers and help them find a book thats just right for them. i also enjoy wasting away my spare time when im not reading watching anime and raiding with my guildies on world of warcraft.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints but that by no means meant i would grow up to be a Mormon. i chose to be baptised when i was 8. but even then i don't think i knew what i was getting in for. it wasn't until i was 16 that i had my own personal conversion. my father left us when i was in my last year if high school. I had always been taught that families can be forever. My mother was studying at uni at the time and we would struggled to have food if it wasn't for the church and the law of tithing. On any tiny bit of money my mother got no matter how desperately she needed it she would always pay her 10% to the church and because of that we always had just enough. when we had no food someone would be moving and have all this food they needed to get rid of or when we needed new clothes someone would have a whole bag of nearly new hand me downs we could go through and the church helped my mother pay our mortgage repayments... this went on till she had finished studding and got a job that earned her enough money for us to become independent again. all of this led me to thinking about life and why were here and how miracles do happen. i came to realise how much the church meant to me and how much it gave my life meaning. i know where i came from i know why im here and i know where im going and i know this because of the church. i look at the friends i grew up with and i see the turmoil in their lives i see the meaningless holes and im glad that i know and was raised knowing. i know the church and the gospel are true the same way i know that snow exists (i have never seen snow only been taught and read about it but i know its cold wet and white). just as i know there is a living prophet today and that joseph smith was a prophet and that the prophet speaks with gods voice for all of us. i know god knows me and loves me.

How I live my faith

when i get payed my wage is small, i pay 10% to tithing as i know without this that the small about of money i earn wont pay all my bills and my rent and buy food. i dont work on sundays and when i apply for jobs i tell people i wont work on sundays. insted i go to church every week to learn more about God and Jesus. i read the Bible and Book or Mormon cover to cover every year to better understand what God has in-store for me. i dont drink or party. and i keep myself chaste. i live the word of wisdom and follow gods commandments.

What is faith?

Faith is to hope for things which are not seen, which are true. (Alma 32:21) faith is not only to have a belief in something its to trust something or some one. when i say i have faith in god it not just me saying i believe in god but that i also love and trust him as i know he loves me. Show more Show less