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Hi I'm Grant

I love fishing and being outdoors, oh ya sports as well. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up farming, learning the uses of; tractors, welding, engine repairs, and various farm labors. I had a paper route and mowed lawns as a kid. Worked in rec department, than rec department management, and restaurant management, helped run basketball camps for kids. I have accomplished one year of college. I am perusing a horticulture degre. I come from a family of five brothers and one sister two brothers younger than I than the rest are older. For fun I enjoy what Idaho has to offer fishing, hunting, boating, jet skiing, being outside. I like to try all sports and find out more about them from people who do play them. Curently I am serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, in Arizona. I truly enjoy it there is nothing else like being a missionary in the world. I know that everything happens for a reason.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Latter Day Saints faith knowing that what it taught to me was good. I had never really understoood what the gospel of Jesus Christ could do for me. At a time in my early high school days I really wanted to know if I were to stay in the Mormon church, I got down on my knees to talk with my Hevanly Father and know what to do. A verse in the Bible James 1:5 tells us that if we have faith that we will recive a reply, we will. After that momnent in my life I know that what ever happens that I am doing what is right as long as I follow what our Hevanly Father wants me to do. The great thing about this gospel is that we don't have to know everything about it to live it or become part of it. We need to show faith in following it and want to take the name of christ upon us (become christian true meaning of following christ). I know that many people can offend us if we are allowing to become offended, but as we dig deep into the gospel we find that no one is perfect. We can't expect others to be perfect when ourselves need to change. Only by building on a sure foundation which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ can we follow him more closely and love one another.

How I live my faith

I pray vocaly to our Heavenly Father constantly I always see how he is helping me on my way as his son. I am grateful for all the things he has given me as spiritual son of our Heavenly Father. I follow the commandment of the gospel because I know for my self that the commandments are truly from God and that they are here to bless us for now, as well as forever. I have found that in order to know if a commandment will bless us we first have to show faith and live it. After we show that we are willing to follow our Hevanly Father, he blesses us with all of his love.One story I would like to share is about an experiance right at the end of my high school life. A friend of mine who is also a mormon invited to me to this event; that a lot of kids in my graduating class were gathering for one last hoorah. I figured that it would be ok if I attended with him, even though in my mind it didn't sound like a good idea. As we traveled out to the river where the actvity was going to take place I turned to my friend and said, "if there is any sign of alcohol or ilegal actvites we are out of there in a heart beat." Looking back at this I can see that I was willing to follow God's commandments by makeing up my mind before I got there that we would not break the word of wisdom (which is a comandment that tells us what substances to stay away from). About thirty minutes after getting to the actvity we had found that someone had brought alcohol with them out there. At that momment I knew I had to act because the longer I would stay, peer presure or other influences would be present to partake. I was able to get my friend to get in my truck along with one of my non-member friends to leave. As I drove off I knew I had made the right choice I felt good that I was willing to follow the comandments. The next day I found out that a few of the kids who were in atendance had a rapid consequense to their actions by going to jail. God truly blessed me for choosing the right as he always will.