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Hi I'm Philip

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

About Me

I am married to my wife, Natalie. We have two children, Max and Lorelei. My wife and I met at Brigham Young University, where she studied history and I studied microbiology. We moved to Florida for medical school. We recently moved back to Florida after a year in Tennessee. We completed a one program internship program there, and now I am at the beginning of my residency training. We enjoy doing things as a family, including going on long drives, watching movies, playing card and board games, and being outdoors. My interests include racquetball and basketball, classical and jazz music (I play violin and piano) and finding time to read good books. Our children are full of life and vigor, and definitely keep us on our toes!

Why I am a Mormon

My friends often ask, "How can you live by all those rules?" or "with everything we know and don't know about life and the universe, how can you believe in a God that allows such atrocities, sorrow, and injustice in this world? Shouldn't he care?" The short answer is, "Yes! God cares!" Once one comes to the realization that there is a compassionate, all-knowing, concerned Father in Heaven who is watching over us and protecting us, it becomes easier to live by the standards we have been given, knowing that they serve the purpose to improve our lives, steer us from unnecessary heartache and adversity, and promote our eternal progression and development as children of a divine, glorified being. We are spiritual and real children of a Heavenly Father. Thus, we have the divine potential to work miracles, to become more like Jesus Christ, and to live eternally, together as families. I am a member of this church because my parents were members, and I grew up that way. However, as a teenager, life presented me with challenges that compelled me to discover for myself the answers to life's toughest questions. "Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go after we die? Can families be together for ever? If Jesus Christ and the early apostles taught about the priesthood power to perform church ordinances on the earth, talked about vicarious baptisms for the dead (those who have died without the opportunity to either learn about Jesus Christ or to accept him while on the Earth), emphasized the importance of the true church organization, and conveyed the purpose of living gospel standards, such as charity, long-suffering, and empathy, why are these principles missing from most denominations?" The answer is available. Through a young, modern-day prophet, truth and scripture, priesthood power and ordinances, and hope have been restored. In holy buildings called temples, families can be sealed together forever for all eternity. Find out. Pray about it, and you will see.

How I live my faith

I am the organist for our church worship meetings. I have served in many capacities, ranging from Elder's quorum counselor to Sunday school teacher to choir member and pianist to substitute nursery and primary worker. It is great to have the opportunity to meet every Sunday with others who have the same beliefs, goals, and trials that we are currently experiencing. We seek opportunities to help those in need, both within our church and in our community. We live our faith by abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, artificial caffeine-containing substances, and premarital or extra-marital sexual relations. We live our faith by teaching our children to make good choices by always considering the temporal and eternal consequences of their words and actions. We live our faith by having weekly family home evenings, where we meet together and talk about the spiritual and physical needs of our family. We have fun as a family. We find wholesome, entertaining, and uplifting ways to enrich our lives. It sounds simple and the phrase is often overused or misunderstood, but we try to ask ourselves, "What would Jesus do? If Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father were right next to me at this moment, what would they want me to do or say?" This works. All the steps that we need to take in this life to improve ourselves, to progress towards our eternal goal of living together as families forever and returning to the presence of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, and to answer life's most difficult questions, are available in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are many good and faith-promoting beliefs and organizations out there. Eventually, though, one reaches the point where he or she must ask oneself, "What is the truth?" Ask God. Through the Spirit, he will answer you. If you come and see what this church has to offer, your life will be changed forever. You will gain a new perspective on life and family. You will find true meaning for your life and family.