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Hi I'm Edward

I'm a family man. I'm a small business owner. I try (not always successfully) to be an athlete. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I spend most of my free time with my family. We always do things together. We love to eat. On occasion we go out, but usually it is at home. Sitting down to family dinner is important to us. I like to do the cooking and try new recipes. If I cook my wife has to clean up. It's a fair trade. When we're not eating we may play at the park, or may just stay home and read or play board games. I started my own company last year so I don't get lots of extra time with them though. It was a hard decision and is still scary at times, but I know that we will be provided for. We are making sacrifces now for a better future. If I'm not working or playing with the kids I'm doing something with sports. I do workout videos, run, and play basketball. I try to get at least an hour of exercise in six days a week. To make that possible means some very early mornings. Usually my wife is out running while I am working out at home. It is tiring, but at least this way we can find time to get everything done during the day and still be able to walk the kids to school. My family really drives everything I do. They are why I get up in the morning, why I work hard, and why I strive everyday to be a better man.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church but never paid a lot of attention. It wasn't until another member of my family made some bad choices that I turned to my Heavenly Father. It is hard to believe strength can come out of tragedy, but I know now all trials are meant to teach us and make us stronger. Since then I have certainly made plenty of mistakes, but I know that if I follow the gospel of Jesus Christ I will be happy and have my reward. The greatest gift we are given is our eternal family. I know through the covenants made in the temple that my family can be together forever. I want nothing more than to bring my children up in righteousness, watch them serve missions, have families of their own and all live together in our Father's kingdom. There are many ways why I know the church is true. I studied philosophy in college so I look at everything in a very logical way. I can read in the scriptures or hear a teaching from a prophet and see why our doctrine makes sense and no other way could. The reason for that is it is not doctrine made up by a man but the word of God. It is not merely what we believe; it is true. The logic really can't prove anything to us though. The reason I really know is because the spirit bore witness of the truthfulness to me. We are commanded to get a witness of all teachings for ourselves. We are told to pray, ask our Heavenly and know for ourselves if the things we read and taught are true. I have received that confirmation of the spirit. I know the gospel is true, and it cannot be denied.

How I live my faith

In the church we are asked to endure to the end. It is not always easy, but it is worth it. That means we must be faithful until we die. I believe we are asked to do more than probably any other religion. Our commitments are sometimes every day of the week. This can be stressful, but we do it because this is the Lord's work. His church is true, and the commandments we get from His living Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, are meant for our benefit. I have been given many leadership roles. We don't have paid clergy so it is up to the members of a congregation to do all the work. This means teaching lessons, helping with children, and providing welfare to the poor and needy. We always take care of our own and anyone else who needs help. It makes me very proud to see the worldwide efforts and capabilities of the church's welfare system. A few years ago I was able to assist in the clean up after hurricane Katrina. I spent a weekend with about a dozen other men cutting fallen trees down in a small rural Mississippi town. We were able to provide a service for free that companies were charging hundreds of dollars for. I have always said at the end of the weekend it was about the worst and best I ever felt. My body took a long time to recover, but the joy we got out of helping those in trouble was incredible. The most important work any of us can do is in our own homes. Showing love to and spending time with my children is my main job. I know of all my responsibilities that is the one that I will be judged the most by. I'm not a perfect father, and some day's not even a very good one, but I strive everyday to get better. That is always my main goal- get a little better every day. If we do that and repent when we do make mistakes the Lord will make up for our shortcomings.