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Hi I'm Lars

I'm a home grown Minnesotan. I competed with the USA Men's Bobsled National Team. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

SPORTS!! Sports have always been my biggest passion. I grew up playing any sport I could get my hands on. Basketball has always been my favorite, but baseball, football, and track and field aren't far behind. I also enjoy powerlifting and many other areas of physical fitness. Also, after college I competed on the USA Bobsled National Team. MUSIC AND THE ARTS!! I've always had a huge interest in music...both listening to and playing it. I played the saxaphone from 5th grade on until I graduated from High School. I dabble with the guitar and harmonica as well. I also have a great appreciation for the Performing Arts. There's just something about a great musical, ballet, or any form of dance that can sweep you right off your feet! FAMILY!! I've got a very loving family who has experienced many great hardships and tremendous joys! My mother was paralyzed in a car accident many years ago, which left her in the care of my sisters and I. We were teenagers at the time and my dad didn't live with us. My parents got divorced many years prior. FAITH AND HUMOR!! I consider myself someone with a strong spirituality. A also love a good laugh! Sometimes I laugh at things I probably shouldn't, but hey funny is funny right?! TRAVEL!! I'm fascinated by other cultures. I love to travel, but would like to do more. I've been to Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam, and Canada so far. People fascinate me.

Why I am a Mormon

I didn't know much about Mormons growing up. I had heard of the Book of Mormon, and that's about it. Most of my family is Lutheran, so that's what I grew up calling myself. By college I simply referred to myself as "Christian." After college I decided that I needed to make church a priority again. I began soul searching and attending different denominations...looking for one that just felt right I guess. I always wondered why churches were so different from one another. I decided that I would just keep it simple and just stick with being Lutheran along with most of my family. Then I met someone who changed my life forever. While eating dinner with a new acquaintance of mine, she asked me what religion I was. I replied that I grew up Lutheran. She asked me what "Lutherans" believe. I replied that they are Christian and believe in the Bible. She informed me that she is Mormon and that Mormons ALSO believe in the Bible and are Christian. I was surprised! I didn't even know Mormons are Christian! I asked what makes the Mormon church "different." Her reply was one that I'll never forget. She said, with more conviction than I had ever experienced in someone describing their faith, "We believe it to be the TRUE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST." I was floored. Even though it sounded a little unbelievable, I knew in my heart that if there was any truth to what she was saying, I at LEAST owed it to myself to learn more about it. After all, I was looking for real "Truth." When visiting a Mormon chapel for the first time, I decided to keep a completely open mind and heart...paying attention to nothing more than how it made me FEEL being there. The only way I can describe the feeling is that it was one of peace and comfort. Shortly thereafter I was taught by the missionaries, and I knew in my heart the Mormon church is "True." I also learned that the formal name of the Mormon church is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." I felt truly blessed.

How I live my faith

"Believing" in something is one thing. But living ACCORDING to your belief is how you exercise "faith" in it I feel. I try my very best to do this. Thankfully, all our Heavenly Father asks of us is that we simply do our best and trust that He will help us along the way in the ways we need. There are many ways that I try to "live my faith." As a very high priority, I try to make time to read the scriptures each day when I get a chance. Nothing compares to the spirit that can be felt while immersing yourself in the scriptures and allowing their words to permeate your mind and heart. I also try to make time to offer a prayer of gratitude to Heavenly Father each day as well as ask Him for the help that I feel I need, or that others may stand in need of, going forward. Reading the scriptures and personal prayer are the best ways I know to develop an intimate and personal relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I also try my best to live according to the "principles" taught by Christ. Some of them are charity, hope, love, sacrifice, humility, forgiveness, patience, and faith. I find that one of the best ways to exercise these principles is to offer them to other people in any way I can. Some wonderful opportunities I've had to live my faith include attending church on Sunday to worship and fellowship with others, visiting church members regularly to be sure their spiritual and temporal needs are being met, teaching sunday school classes to both children and adults, organizing recreational activities for people to participate in, offering a gospel message to the church congregation on Sunday, serving those in need in various ways, and building wonderful friendships where love and laughter seem endless. I'm far from perfect, as we all are. However, I am grateful that we can be our own person and still be equal in the sight of God. He loves and cares about us ALL to the same extent. I live my faith so that I can return to live with Him one day.