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Hi I'm Julie Kahn

I'm a Mormon. I grew up reveling in the lush green forests of Oregon. I am an artist, a nature lover, a wife, and mother of four.

About Me

I am the first person in my family tree to earn a college degree and have loved sharing my knowledge and talents with my children and community. I feel that my education has made me a better mother and citizen, and I continue to seek knowledge which greatly enriches my life. I love exploring new music, art and places. I love to travel to historical sites with my family and have been to DC, the Laura Ingles Wilder sites in Wisconsin, Lewis and Clark sites here in Oregon, and recently my family and I saved up and went on a self guided literary tour of England! I am eager to go again! We love reading aloud together as a family and really don't watch TV anymore, save the occassional rented movie. There are too many great books to read! We have hosted 7 exchange students from various countries, which has really opened our hearts to the people of the world outside the USA and has helped us better understand religions and cultures different from our own. I have grown tremendously as I have learned to see the world through the eyes of these exchange students. We are currently hosting a Muslim girl from Bangladesh and have discovered that we share many similar values. Besides caring for my home and family, I am currently volunteering as a docent at our local art museum and elsewhere in the community. Last Saturday I spent 12 hours in a ticket booth selling tickets for my son's marching band competition. This summer my girls and I will run our annual backyard theater camp.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother was converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints when I was a baby, so I was raised in the church. I remember having tremendous faith as a child, but then wavering as a teen. I had some doubts, but through it all, I felt that I had a Father in Heaven who loved me, and that kept me coming back to the scriptures and prayer. When it was time to become an adult, I thought about who I wanted to be, and I knew there was only one path for me to take. As I attended college, I faithfully attended institute classes and church as well. As a social science major in an Oregon school, there were many challenges to my beliefs, but I was able to weather them all and come out the victor, through my continued faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Since those days, I have had so many encounters with the spirit through private prayer, and priesthood blessings, that I cannot deny that God hears our prayers, the Holy Ghost is real, and the power of God does flow through the righteous men in this church who hold the priesthood. I have felt that power warm my entire body, like pure energy resonating from the hands of the blessers, into my head and then spreading down. Energy so strong, that it was almost overpowering. I am sure I was given just a miniscule taste of God's infinite power to reassure me that He does live and is aware of me and concerned over my weaknesses. I am also reassured and strenghtened by the wisdom and righteousness of our church leaders, who are truly among the best men of the earth and faithful servants of Christ. The prophets and apostles of our generation give advice and counsel that would set the world aright if it were heeded by all people. Much of the suffering that occurs in this life is the natural consequence of disreguarding God's counsel. I feel blessed and privileged to be aware of and have faith in His gospel. It is the rock of my life.

How I live my faith

I live the Gospel ,of course, through everyday strivings to be more like Christ. That includes being patient, kind, loving, charitable, being pure in thought, overcoming feelings of hostility, defensiveness, and anger, and having hope in the future through faith in Christ's atoning sacrifice. Those are everyday challenges that members of the church experience. The actual service we do as members of the church, to keep the church operating, are more tangible. For example, I was the "Young Women's President" of our ward for the last three years, which means I oversaw the Sunday lessons and Wednesday night youth activities of the 28 girls between the ages of 12 and 19 who lived within our ward boundaries. I had about 6 other women who worked with me as my assistants. We met each week to discuss how to tend to the needs of the girls spiritually and emotionally. Of course, our influence was limited to their time at church. Parents have the main responsibilty for their children's well-being. Some of our activities were street cleanups (as our church has adopted a stretch of road to keep clean), cooking classes, visits to local artist studios, game nights, beauty tip nights, outdoor games like capture the flag with the teenage boys from the ward, dances with the boys, camps, yoga classes, fashion/modesty lessons, sewing, yard work for elderly members of the church, and Christmas caroling. After three years in that volunteer position, I was asked to let someone else step in and to fill another position. This rotating occurs constantly, so members have the opportunity to serve in a variety of areas and have a variety of experiences. Also, we believe the rotations are inspired, that God has a hand in placing us in our various "callings" due to our needs or the needs of those we are serving at the time. I am now serving as an "Activity Day Leader", which means I help with the twice monthly fun yet worthwhile activities of the girls ages 8 to 11.