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Hi I'm Jennadene

I'm an Aussie, a Temple Square Missionary, I want to travel the world, I'm going into International Studies and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a proud Aussie country girl who loves to spend her time in the city. I have had the greatest blessing of being called to serve in the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission (March 2014-October 2015) where I see tender mercies and miracles everyday and meet people from all over the world! I love reading all types of books, fictional characters easily become great friends. I love looking at the beauties of the world like flowers in the sun, rain drops on leaves, the Salt Lake Temple against the bright blue clear sky, the colours of autumn time... I love taking a step back and appreciating all the little and incredible details of life, all these things that Heavenly Father has given us. I love photography and hope to increase in the talents the Lord has given me, I love anything Asian, I want to learn Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and one day explore/travel the world! I'm planning on studying International Studies/Business/Relations. My mission on Temple Square opened so many doors and realizations on how I can truly reach my greatest potential and it's all because of my Savior, Jesus Christ, who makes all things possible! I love social media and hope to keep up my blog with my story and photography being able to inspire others to see the beauty of the world.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church my whole life, however my conversion to the gospel was in my teen years, where I struggled to see the beauties of life and felt something missing in my life, though I had no idea what. I was going through a really tough time, not knowing where to turn, but slowly and over time I started coming back to church and then later I started reading the Book of Mormon, it took me quiet some time, however I didn't give up and I gave it my all. I prayed to know if God was there, if Jesus Christ was my Saviour and if the Book of Mormon truly was His word. It took a while but over time I started to realize the feelings in my heart were unlike any other, feelings of love, peace, joy, feelings that were different and I then realized couldn't come from anyone else but a loving Heavenly Father who knew me perfectly and knew what I needed. I knew without a doubt that these things were true and it has brought the greatest happiness imaginable into my life. I know that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father live, and that they love me and they know me personally, they are so aware of me and know my needs better than I do. I know that Joseph Smith is a called prophet of God to restore the same church Jesus Christ established on the earth today. I know with all that I have that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, that it is Another Testament of Jesus Christ and contains the fullness of His gospel and works hand in hand with the Bible, it answers the questions we have in our hearts and helps us have an ever greater relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and what it means to me in my life and knowing that Jesus Christ understands me perfectly, because he has felt all that I have felt, and I know that as I turn to Him, I can be strengthened in my weaknesses that all things are possible through him. I am never alone because he is always by my side. I love this gospel and I know it to be true with every fibre of my being.

How I live my faith

My whole life in centered on my faith, everyday scripture study, prayer, my actions, developing Christlike attributes, sharing what I believe on social medias (Facebook, Instagram, My Blog, etc.) doing all that I can to unlock the potential I know that the Lord has for me, by putting everything I have into my faith. Even if it's as simple as a smile. This gospel has brought so much happiness, joy and peace into my life that If I could, I would get on the tallest point in the world and declare it to all nations! Though I can't do that as such, being a missionary on Temple Square allows me to declare the word of God to all nations as they come to Temple Square. Life is sometimes hard, even with the gospel, we're not always going to be 100% happy, we are human, but with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can always find peace in knowing that all is well and that we will learn great things from all our experiences. I'm not afraid to be bold and say, I know these things are true, because I do, and I know them with all that I have. Being from Australia it's hard, because there are not many of us who are members of the church and we live in a world where standards are dissolving... and many will try and tear down not only our beliefs, but our standards and morals, but as we stand firm in Jesus Christ and his teachings, no matter what comes our way we can stand firm and immovable in our faith and in our testimony, that nothing can stop us from being faithful to the end. As we hold to the word of God, hold to the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the words in the scriptures and also listening to the words of living prophets, seers and revelators, that help us in today's day. We will stand strong and people will see the shining example we have and see the difference and do as said in Alma 5:14 and have the Saviors image engraved in our countenance.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Prophets throughout time from 600BC - 400AD in the ancient Americas recorded their dealings with God, prophecies, revelations, personal experiences and how their faith in Jesus Christ helped them through their life as it does for us now. These records were compiled by a man named Mormon, a prophet historian, his son Moroni finished the work for him and later buried them to be brought forth at a later time after Mormon had passed away. The Book of Mormon contains teachings from God concerning Heavenly Father's plan for us and also what Jesus Christ would do and did do during His earthy ministry in both Jerusalem and the Americas. Containing and testifying of the teachings of Jesus Christ, His sacrifice and His love for us. The Book of Mormon works hand in hand with the Bible and has a promise to those who read it and pray having faith with a sincere heart being willing to act on the answer they receive they will come to know these things are true through the power of the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less