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Hi I'm Joey

My name is Joey. I love the outdoors and the God that Made them. Im a Student, A son, And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Tukwila, WA a small suburb of Seattle. When I was born, due to the love of a Mother that wanted to provide the best life for me, I was put up for adoption through the LDS services. Already at a young age I could feel the Lord was watching out for me. Living in Seattle, you are immersed in a culture thats continually being changed and directed by the flow of people coming in from all the corners of the world, and as a young man, finding where to enter into this river of changing scenery can be quite scary. As i searched for a place I belonged, I could feel the constant tug of groups of individuals trying to strip away my individuality. I knew that in order to fit in I would have to listen to one of these voices. but lucky for me I had the guidance of loving family and good friends to help me Listen to the voice that mattered most, My Heavenly Fathers. Because of His and their Influence I have found the great Joy that is sought out for by Men and Women alike. I have had an opportunity to serve a mission for this Church, to become a help to my community through the Boy Scouts Of America program, and to become one with the breathtaking nature that Washington State is so willing to offer, and also to be close to my Heavenly father in ways I thought weren't possible. I know now that we as Gods children are influenced every day and what makes us who we are is what influence we listen to and what we do about it when we hear it.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the world December 29th, 1991, And due to Circumstances unknown was given up for adoption. But I was blessed enough to be taken in by two wonderful members of the church and was able to grow up in an enviroment where God could be at the front of my life. Although I was raised in this church, it wasnt until my teenage years that I began to realize my place in the world and in Gods eyes. I had always had those around me that knew, but i had to find out for myself. I ended up going through some scary situations that made me realize how important those principles and commandments that had been taught to me were, and how much different life could be without having the Holy Spirit with me. Due to the Love of Family, Friends and Leaders I have been able to be worthy to serve a mission for the Lord In Las Vegas, Nevada. If not for the wonderful examples set for me i probably would not be enjoying the blessings of serving and teaching others that I do now. I can now say that I know of a surety that this is the true gospel of jesus Christ on the Earth today, and that it was restored through God and Jesus Christ and other heavenly messengers to the prophet Joseph Smith. Jesus Christ Lives, and loves us, and has again reached out to us in love, and you can know this by reading the book of mormon and praying to know the truth of it. I promise that as you do, the windows of heaven will be opened and the spirit will witness to you the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. This I say in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

My calling right now is as a Missionary for the church. as a missionary I am able to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ abroad and see people of all sorts enjoy the happiness and peace that comes from living a Christ like life. I have so many oppurtunities as a missionary to show people my faith. when I wake up in the morning and put on the name tag that has Jesus Christs name on it, its almost as if the world goes dark, and theres this light shining right on me, and people notice that. You have to be so much more conscious of the choices and actions that you make because what you do doesn't only reflect on you, but everyone one else that takes that name upon themselves. its so much pressure sometimes that you just don't want to go outside at all because your so worried that people are going to tear down what you hold dear. but as I have relied on the lord, the fear is replaced by a sense of duty and you cant help but put yourself right into the middle of the crowd and shine that light on every one that you meet. I have been so blessed to be able to see so many peoples life blessed by the message that we share. I wake up now everyday excited to just get up and meet people, and just know where there coming from in life, and just share with them my simple testimony that Jesus Christ lives, and that he loves us, and that he has a plan for each and everyone of us that will eventually lead us back to live with our family's forever! this is how I Live, and I wouldn't have it any other way!