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Hi I'm Susan

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was fortunate to have been born into a really great family with wonderful parents who loved and nurtured me. They too, were Mormons as were their parents and their parent's parents back 4 generations. I have been married to my husband for 36 years. In those years, we have been blessed with 4 beautiful daughters and 7 (soon to be 8) fantastic grandchildren. I love being a mother and grandmother!! I also love decorating our home and entertaining friends and family. I liked to read and love to swim. I have a profound appreciation for music and art even though I haven't been blessed with those talents. I love anything that is daring, and I love to go FAST. Dancing fast gives me even greater joy!! I like to laugh and HAVE FUN!! I also love the scriptures and feeling the promptings of the Holy Spirit as it guides me each day. And I love people. I love making connections between people I have known in various places and times throughout my life.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was born and reared in this faith, I know EVERYONE must eventually come to that place where they question who they are and what they really believe. I have been to that place in my life, and I have tested the Lord and His promises. I am a person who is not fond of being told what to do. I need to know the "whys" and think something is a good idea myself before I can get on board with it. As I have sought to know what I should do in my life, I have been given swift and immediate assurances that God really does exist, and that he is literally the father of my spirit. I have come to know through studying the scriptures and through prayer and through living the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ that he did indeed live and die for me and is the Savior of us all. I have come to know that God loves us and is there for us in all things. I have come to know that He has interest in even the very smallest details of our lives and that He will answer our prayers. I also know that because we are ALL His children, He wants use to be kind to each other and love each other and forgive each other of the things that we do that hurt one another. I think the principle of faith is something that deters people from coming to a belief in God's existence. Yet it is one principle I find essential to gaining a knowledge and testimony of Him. Because we will never know the end from the beginning, we have to operate on faith to accept certain things as true. Then, as we begin to see the results, we are enlightened by the understanding that comes as a result of moving forward in faith. Our belief becomes clear, and we no longer have just faith, but rather, sure knowledge of something.

How I live my faith

I strive to live my faith each day as I interact with others. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes I am not. I know that through Jesus Christ I am able to repent and be forgiven when I falter. I also adhere to the commandments set forth in the scriptures to the best of my ability. While the commandments may seem restrictive to some, I have come to know that they are set forth by a Father who loves me and knows what is best for me. I have come to understand that I have been spared the heartbreak that can come as a result of not adhering to them. They have truly become a route to happiness for me. I have been blessed with opportunities in my faith to serve others as well. Some of these opportunities have come as formal "callings" to serve and do a specific work, and some have come as a result of my personal desires to serve and acting upon those desires. I have found that no matter what type of service I do or where or how I serve, service ALWAYS brings me joy and personal growth (even when I have not been excited about it in the beginning!) My husband says it best when he says, "Service is never convenient. If it were convenient, it wouldn't be service." But it always brings me joy. Some of my greatest joy has come as I have watched the lives of people change as they come to a knowledge of their Heavenly Father and His great love for them. I cannot begin to imagine the type of parent or grandparent I would be without the gospel of Jesus Christ. I cannot imagine the type of spouse or friend or daughter or co-worker or sister or neighbor I would be either. I am certain that, if left to my own devices, I would not know the joy I have known in my life thus far. Thankfully, I am able to be led by the promptings of the Holy Ghost who points us to a knowledge of "the truth of all things."