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Hi I'm Melissa

I am a wife, mother of three, cake decorator, and triathlete. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am pretty normal actually. I am busy running my kids all over the place and trying to keep my house and home running smooth. If I can get dinner on the table at least 4 nights out of the 7, I feel like I did pretty good! I keep busy training for the next triathlon. I love to be outdoors doing anything and will probably die of skin cancer someday. I also decorate wedding and birthday cakes as a side job. Sometimes my life feels out of control and way to busy, but I am happier when I am busy. To much down time and I find myself waisting time and not as productive. I love my family. When I get involved in to many things, I have to re prioritize and remember that they come first and everything else is secondary. As long as I abide by that, I somehow manage and find joy in my busy life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised mormon. This faith has alway resonated well with me, but I didn't really have any strong convictions until I actually read the Book of Mormon. I was 16 at the time. I was so engrossed as I read. The accounts and histories of these ancient people fascinated me. When I read the account of Christ appearing to the Nephite people after he was crucified, I was so filled with a burning inside, I could not deny that what I read was true. I also believe in prophets. In the bible, God always has a mouthpiece on the earth, telling the people his will and calling them to repentance. Why would that be true in ancient times and not now? Why would God lead his people and then forsake them just because it isn't "ancient times"? I believe we have a prophet today. He is a humble man. He is not flashy. He doesn't make money for his service. People mock and don't believe - but didn't they mock the prophets in the bible as well? I am so grateful for this knowledge and am always so inspired by his words. I believe he is the mouthpiece for God.

How I live my faith

I try to follow the teaching of my faith everyday of my life. I attend church every week. I abstain from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and drugs. I abstained from any sexual relationships before I was married. I know the world might view that as restrictive and even oppressive. I don't feel that way. It has given me such freedom! I have no addictions! I am always in my right mind and have no regrets from my behavior and actions. I have no sexually transmitted diseases. I rejoiced with each wanted pregnancy. I have a marriage that is based on so much more than physical attraction and self gratification. I am free to choose and live my life how I want because I have nothing holding me back. I love my Savior and because of that I try to love my fellow men. I believe we must be kind to all people, no matter their race or religion. I am grateful I am a mormon.