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Hi I'm Christine

I'm an art teacher, I'm a little crazy, I used to make fun of Mormons, but now... I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to feed people. I love to laugh. I love to create, especially 3 dimensionally. I've painted murals for the community. I've led a bully prevention group. There's not much I haven't tried. I have been divorced and lived as a single mom for 4 years. Now I'm remarried and have 5 step children. Though I'm not teaching because of the economy, I'm able to use my talents to help others and make the world a beautiful place starting with my own little corner of it.

Why I am a Mormon

At the age of 15 I went from being Gnostic to joining a very evangelic non-denominational church with a lot of control over my life for 11 years. Though I learned right from wrong, to know the Bible through and through, how to talk to people about God, and how to be loving & compassionate. I left that church, I not only became bitter about God, people and organized religion; but I began to deny God's existence entirely. I began to live the typical 'bar scene' life. During this time, I was married, had a child, then was divorced. When my friend moved out to Utah 9 years ago, and I laughed and said, "You're gonna become a Mormon!" Though she argued with me that she would not: she did. When she did, I began to think more about God, and decided I'd start my own personal religion, the church of Me Loving People. As a teacher, I was a great example. I stopped the 'bar scene' living, and began being thoughtful and giving. However 'good' I seemed, I was never truly happy. I always felt I was missing something, I looked for that in relationships, and every one of them ended up in heart break, disappointment, and self loathing. I always felt lonely. One day in February, a couple handsome young men in black suits came to my door. Since there were 12 inches of snow on the ground, I asked if they would like some cocoa. They stood in my doorway and asked me questions about my faith. I chuckled as I asked them questions about their faith, constantly challenging them. While Elder Pabingwit was standing talking to me, Elder Tabor disappeared unnoticed. I opened the door and saw that the other elder had been shoveling my driveway the whole time, unprompted. I knew that service is a sign of one who follows God, so I decided to meet with them again. I led the discussions for 6 months, with my challenging, and questions. Finally I agreed to listen to what they had to say and visit their church. After 1 1/2 years of this, I figured, I can't beat 'em so I joined 'em.

How I live my faith

I live my life focused on my family. I met my husband online, we lived 3 hours apart when we met. He had 5 children from his previous marriage. We had a celibate relationship, then tied the knot 3 years ago, and since have had a beautiful boy together. So now, with 7 children, we're shooting for number 8. I no longer feel self loathing, lonely, or unhappy. I am supported emotionally by my Heavenly Father, my family and my church family. My philosophy is that this crappy world we live in can only change if I make my little corner of it worth living in, and encourage others to do so as well. I have learned to bake bread and make jam, can vegetables and meats, and to shop wisely. I take these things that I make, and give them to those around me. By my giving, my joy and my sharing my life, I have been able to affect many lives around me simply by serving them. When I was teaching art, the students were my joy. I had my struggles with them, but I knew my students. I took the time to understand their difficulties, to talk to them about what they needed... and to help them through that difficult times of being a teen. They knew I genuinely cared. It took me about 1 year of reading the Book of Mormon, lots of prayer and arguing with many missionaries before I finally understood its relevance to the Bible. Many try to argue the Book of Mormon with me, but I just smile, and suggest they read it and pray to know for themselves. The joy that people see in me, the attractive qualities that make people want to be around me, those are all because of Jesus, and his atonement. Though I knew the Bible well, I never really grasped the atonement well until it was taught to me with both books. I can handle rough situations (and I've had plenty) because of the atonement. I can forgive because of the atonement. I love. I serve. I laugh. I have true joy. I know my purpose is that joy. I am a Christian, I am a Latter Day Saint, I am a Mormon.