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Hi I'm Nathan

I grew up mostly in the Texas, have been attending college for over two years now, and love games and serving. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have grown up most of my life in the countryside of Texas. We have a small space of land out there that we do not do much with. The high school I graduated from had under 400 students in the whole high school. I would guess perhaps 80 in the graduating class my junior/senior year. I got out of high school one year early and immediately jumped into college. I owe my Mom a big thanks for all her help with getting me started early on my education and for helping me graduate early as well. Dad has always had to work long and difficult hours to support our family; it was hard at times but I'm thankful that we were able to spend time with him on some of his days off. I am the oldest of three children. My sister is just into her 20s and my brother is in his mid teens. My hobbies for the most part of my growing up years consisted of hanging out with friends and playing video games, to much for my own good as far as I am concerned. I actually did not go on a date until I was 22 years old. For the parents out there I'll say there is still hope for your boys who may play to many video games. I've changed over the last few years, largely because I devoted myself to Christ and learned to serve him in my everyday life. I have thus far obtained as associates degree in computer science and am currently seeking a Bachelor's degree in mathematics with the goal of becoming a professor in the end. I enjoy teaching and serving whenever I am able.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in The Church of Jesus Christ is Latter-Day Saints(Mormon). I remember taking part of some of the children activities at church. Singing hymns on with the other kids and reading scripture stories with my family. I was baptized at 8 years old on my birthday. I continued in the church until around my mid 17th year basically following the faith because my parents believed it, it was just how I was raised. When someone asks me why am I still an active Mormon a few things come to my mind. I often think of how around 17 years old I was trying to make some changes in my own life. I had struggled inside for a few years actually trying to overcome a particular weakness of mine. Around 17 I finally gave in to the fact I could not overcome this on my own. I had prayed throughout the time for help, but my prayers were not very sincere and nothing seemed to change. At this time I finally surrendered my pride, gave up on my own ability, and asked Christ to change in my what I could not overcome. Over a brief period of perhaps 3 weeks I was healed, forgiven, and changed. He did what I had failed to do for years. It was during this time that the truth became a reality for me, that I knew my Savior personally and no longer relied on my parents faith. I continued through the next couple of years growing in my witness of the truth. I began to study the scriptures each day, to feel an overwhelming desire to share the joy I had received with others. I slipped at times, as we all do. I went on to serve a mission in Portland Oregon, for 2 years I devoted myself to preaching the gospel and serving God's children in any way that I could. Truthfully though, these experiences were only a beginning of my faith. To me this question is "Why are you STILL Mormon?" In short, I study the word of God daily, I pray always, I worship him day and night. I struggle, fall; repent and change. Following Christ is not what I do, It's who I am. I am a Mormon because Jesus Christ wants me to be.

How I live my faith

This is simple for me to anser, I live my faith. I mentioned my habit of daily feasting from the scriptures, of frequent prayer. I love attending church on Sundays and contribute to lessons at least a majority of the time. Anywhere you find me you can almost be sure that I will have an extra copy of the Book of Mormon on hand for any curious person who desires to learn. I carry my scriptures, Bible and Book of Mormon with me at all times; at least almost always. Between all my studies and school and working part time I make time for service. Usally it is not planned service. Maybe just sharing a warm smile with a stranger or holding open a door for someone. I'll help others in my college classes when I can, although it helps if I understand the material first. Most Saturday mornings you can find me serving in the temple. At times I may volunteer to prepare a meal for the missionaries. (This does not mean I'm actually cooking) I don't mean for this to sound like I'm some great person. I still make plenty of mistakes and have a lot to learn. I'll word it this way. Jesus Christ has done everything for me. He is the perfect example, the way, the Truth, and the Light. He was bruised for my transgressions, smitten for my iniquities, and with his stripes I have been healed. How can I offer anything less than my whole life to him? I love him and I know he loves me.