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Hi I'm Marcie

Aloha! I grew up in Hawaii. I love my family. I value education. Should I admit that I'm a lawyer? And, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Education has always been important to me. Probably because I saw my mom struggle to support me as a single mom having no college education. In elementary school, I knew that I wanted to get at least a Master's degree. I didn't know in what, but just wanted that degree. After a lot of studying and paying my way through school with student loans and employment, I've earned my Bachelor, Master, and Law degrees. It wasn't until I graduated and started working that I began to entertain the idea of getting married or starting a family. Not that these aren't worthy goals to have earlier in life, I just wanted to make sure I was ready and in a good place. Soon after I started practicing law, I met my husband. He wasn't of my same faith, but grew up in another Christian denomination. A couple years later, he was baptized, and a year after that, we were married in the temple. We've been married for almost five years and have two children. After the birth of my first child and with the support of my husband, I decided to leave my job, nice salary, and status to venture into a new career: being a mom at home. What a challenging and wonderful roller coaster I've been on ever since! I could have never learned these life lessons (or know the songs of princess movies verbatim) in a high-rise building. I'll admit its the hardest work I've ever done! Although I do think of returning to work in the future, I want to make sure it is for the right reason and opportunity.

Why I am a Mormon

I love being a Mormon. I might not scream it from the mountain tops (or in my case, the flat desert valley), but I feel grounded, confident in my knowledge of God's plan for me, and feel His hand in my life. I grew up in my faith. However, I had a crisis when I was 18 years old about what I believed and whether if I knew my faith was correct and true. Being 18, I became more aware of other religions, lifestyles, and philosophies. I was heavily influenced by the world and peers like I had never been before. To cut through all the mixed messages, I finally identified the most important question I had to answer that would affect my future path: Did I believe that Joseph Smith, as a young boy, saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ? I knew my answer was yes. After that answer, I felt warm, at peace, and confident. I knew it was the Holy Spirit personally witnessing to me that my faith was correct and true; that Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith restored His Gospel upon the earth again in its fulness and glory. How did I come to this knowledge? After reflecting on that experience through the years, I know it was from reading the Book of Mormon. Reading the Book of Mormon has brought me closer to Christ by understanding His atonement and plan of salvation. I've personally felt the cleansing power of the atonement in my life. It is a beautiful thing. I've also felt the Holy Ghost many times when I read from this Book's pages. I feel strengthened to face the challenges of life, uplifted, and comforted. Because of all this, I know the Book of Mormon was true. If the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was called of God and was/is a prophet. The two are inextricably linked. Either they are both of God, or not. It was that simple for me.

How I live my faith

Everyday I live my faith. It influences all my choices. I try to follow Christ's teachings, and when I fall short, I repent. I try to be patient and loving to my children. I try to be a good companion to my husband. I also try to be a good neighbor. I might not be the most outgoing person, but I've been able to get to know more of my neighbors through the years. As a family, we read from the scriptures and pray everyday. I think this strengthens us, which is one of my life's goals--to raise a strong, cohesive family. We also go to church every week. Even though it's tough to get two young children ready and seated at church by 9am, I know we all need to partake of the Sacrament and remember our Savior, so we can feel strengthened and renewed for the upcoming week. As an individual, I strive to take time out of my day to pray and read the scriptures. I've learned through it all that it's the small things that are important and influential. At Church, many of us volunteer and serve one another. We don't choose what we do, rather, the Bishop (head of our congregation) calls us to serve in different capacities. I try to visit six women who are members of my Church congregation every month to make sure they are okay. I also am a Cubmaster (Boy Scouts of America). Our Church uses the Boy Scouts program for boys 8 through 17 years of age. As a Cubmaster, I help 8, 9 and 10 year old boys earn their Cub Scout ranks. These boys learn valuable lessons about being a good citizen and becoming valiant men. They are engaged in worthwhile activities every week, which seems few and far between these days.