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Hi I'm Joe

I'm a Mormon who has 6 children and who owns a construction business. I joined the church in 1976 and have loved it ever since.

About Me

I'm a father of 6 (2 still a home). I own a construction business with approx. 50 employees. I collect antiques and unusual things. I enjoy talking with others about the gospel of Jesus Christ and all the benefits that it's brought into my life. I also feel it my duty, as a caring person, to share the gospel in an effort to help others find that same joy in their lives. I also enjoy my 9 wonderful grandchildren. I've gained a new appreciation for the word "pandemonium" and all the work involved in raising "little ones". I've not been to college yet I enjoy learning. As a young man (age 19) I was kicked out of my father's home for rebellion, something I'll always be grateful for. While "on the road" and living in mission homes I started reading the bible and came across some verses that changed my life. I came to understand that "all things work together for good for them that love God" and that "if ye love Me you'll keep My commandments". I realized that even though I was keeping "most" of the commandments there were some choices that I was making that were not in harmony with the teachings of the bible. I decided to "repent" and have faith that God would bless me. I returned to visit my parents and I apologized for past behavior. Within a week I had purchased a truck, had gotten a job and bought a fully furnished home (on contract). Amazed at the Lord's willingness to bless me, I soon desired to find a people who knew God's power and who also loved Him.

Why I am a Mormon

After being invited to and attending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I decided to visit with he missionaries. When I heard the restored gospel explained to me, I was somewhat incredulous. I didn't like the idea that there could be another book of scripture; I felt protective of the Bible. And when I saw modern prophets and apostles and heard of continuing revelation and priesthood authority I had a hard time believing that such things could exist in this day and age. After weeks of consideration I began to realize that my thought process was burdened down with limits that I was placing upon God. At length I started to understand that if God was unchangeable, the same yesterday, today and forever then it would be reasonable for Him to have, today, a church patterned after the church organized in the New Testament. It's interesting to experience one’s understanding being enlarged. Once I started living the teachings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, I started becoming a different person; a new person in Christ. I encourage everyone to patiently consider the teachings of the missionaries from this church. I know that if you do, you will thank God above for bringing you in contact with this wonderful organization. Should you decide to “investigate” this church, be prepared to receive revelation yourself. God is faithful and will let you know in an unmistakable way that this is His kingdom, that the Earth is being prepared for the second coming of His Son & that Israel is being gathered as prophesied in holy writ. There are many who are “kept from the truth because they know not where to find it”. I testify in the sacred name of Jesus Christ that this is where to find the truth. This is God’s great work taking place in the last days and the modern inventions you’re now using were saved for this day when the gospel of Jesus Christ would roll forth as “a stone cut out of the mountains without hands” until it covers the whole Earth.

How I live my faith

I try my best to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ. I endeavor to serve others and treat people kindly. It's interesting to look for things that you can love in other people, it's also humbling, and it’s truly a discipline. I know our Heavenly Father is aware of our imperfections and yet He loves us; I feel that we as disciples should do the same.

Who was Joseph Smith?

Sometimes those not of our faith misunderstand the position that the prophet Joseph Smith holds in our sight. We worship Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer and recognize that He works thru his servants the prophets. Throughout the scriptures one can easily see the great value of and the respect for the Lord's prophets as demonstrated by His followers. We respect Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and all those who have followed them in that important office as the Lord's mouthpiece, including "today’s" prophet Thomas S. Monson. Joseph Smith had a particularly challenging work of being the instrument thru which the Lord "resorted" His church and kingdom to the Earth, in fact he gave his life as a martyr in doing so. I've prayed about and have received a witness by the Holy Spirit that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that we are lead by a prophet today and I so testify in the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less