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Hi I'm Phil

I design software used by millions of people. I’m a husband and father, I like photography, and I’m a Mormon.

About Me

For over twenty years I have worked for one of the biggest software companies in the world. By day, I make software easier to use, and by night and weekends, I try to make life easier and fulfilling for others. My real job, though, is to be a husband to a wonderful wife and a father to six children. Yes, six children is a lot; my wife and I thought our family was done with four children when the Lord prompted us to adopt two Russian orphans in 2000. In my spare time, I’m a nature photographer. I love to be out in the country with my camera in hand. I also volunteer as a leader and teacher in my church congregation. Life is busy! Sometimes I wish for a little boredom, but I wouldn’t give up any of it. I am truly blessed in all parts of my life. I enjoy the many opportunities to share my blessings by giving a helping hand and friendly smile to others. If I can lighten someone’s load, that’s a good day.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was in high school, I realized that the contradictory beliefs of the many religions and Christian faiths could not all be right. No one in the natural world could judge which description of the supernatural world was correct. I didn’t expect a supernatural visitor to explain it, so I put religion aside as an unanswerable question. Years later, I was living in Utah and agreed out of curiosity to listen to LDS missionaries. They told me exciting stories about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appearing to Joseph Smith, Joseph translating the Book of Mormon by divine inspiration, and prophets leading the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was an exciting possibility, and I was ready to commit myself to Christ if it all was true. But once again, how could I know if this church had the truth? Then the missionaries taught me that God still communicates to people through revelation. He would tell me what was true. I was not sure if God was even there, but I knelt down. With a particle of faith, I opened my heart to him. I pleaded to know if this church was led by Christ and taught true doctrine. If he would tell me, I promised to do whatever he asked. Then I heard a voice from outside of me say “Read the Book of Mormon.” At once my world changed. I knew Heavenly Father was real and he heard and answered prayers. I knew the Book of Mormon was scripture if God wanted me to read it. I knew Joseph Smith was a prophet if he translated scripture. I knew the LDS church was founded by a prophet under divine instruction. I am a Mormon because Heavenly Father spoke directly to me. On that day, and hundreds of times since, the Holy Ghost confirmed that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the true teachings of Jesus Christ on the earth today. It is my greatest privilege to be blessed with this knowledge and to know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me!

How I live my faith

I live my faith from the inside out. It all starts with my faith in Jesus Christ and my desire to follow him. I pray and study the scriptures regularly to get closer to Jesus and Heavenly Father. I try my best to obey the commandments and be honest in everything I do. I try to be sincere in following through on my commitment to give my life to the Lord. I try to love others as Christ would love them. I’m a long way from getting it right. Mormon congregations have no paid clergy or staff, so everyone pitches in to get things done. Over the years, I have been a Sunday teacher for adults, youth, and children; librarian; computer specialist; clerk; cub scout leader; and the guy who prepares the program for Sunday services. Right now, I'm a Priesthood leader in our congregation. As a leader, I minister and teach others to minister to people in our congregation and community as Jesus would do if he were here. My main goal is to help others strengthen their personal relationship with Christ. This can mean anything from teaching gospel principles, to giving Priesthood blessings for healing, to helping paint a house. I try to follow the Spirit do he can direct me to where our help is needed most.