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Hi I'm Ed

I am the Survivor of a Russian invasion, refugee, immigrant, convert, and grateful for a full life and our redeemer Jesus Christ.

About Me

Having survived the Russian invasion of eastern Germany and expulsion from my childhood home, and 3 years later escaping communist East Germany to the west, left me a refugee and stranger in my own nation. In 1956 as a newly trained journeyman Tool and Die Maker, I was offered the opportunity to immigrate legally to the United States of America. A new life full of opportunity, freedom of choice and wide open spaces opened for me, an eighteen year old, in the North American west. Taking full advantage of this freedom with travel, ski and car racing, making friends and expanding my education well beyond the traditions of my early life, I was free to choose my own destiny. Now more than a half century later I have experienced life as an adventurer, student, husband to a fabulous woman, father of 6, grandfather of 21, engineer, rocket scientist, private pilot, ski instructor, ski coach, soccer coach, inventor of multiple patented products, owner of several businesses, university professor, grandchildren’s "Henry" best story teller, and the final chapters of my life are still unfolding. I have not yet done all that my lives mission statement - “A hundred years from now it matters not what I owned or where I lived, but the difference I made in the life of another”-requires of me.

Why I am a Mormon

Why I am a mormon. Born in a country and of parents where the prevalent tradition dictated that religion is only for the weak, I addopted the attitude of an agnostic. A grandmother who displayed a mavelously strong faith in GOD and who had joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in her youth, kept my dormant inborn faith in God alive. As an18 year old immigrant I desired to enhance my education and chose to register for high school in the US. The councilor, a returned missionary from Germay signed me up for the required classes and slipped in seminary. When I learned that seminary was a Book of Mormon class I was contemplating changing to a more educational subject such as calculus. However, one of the most beautifull girls I had ever seen walked into the class and I stayed in the class! The Book of Momon generated questions about eternal life and the teachings of the Church. After months of asking, studying and searching I did not have an answer. Weeks later after a date with an LDS girl during which we talked about her faith and my questions, I sat in my convertable car with the top down, just contemplating the heavens, the purpose of life, my own destiny, and what I needed to do. I felt a need to ask God for help to understand. I knelt under a plum tree and talked to God. I explained to Him that I had searched for months without success and asked him for an understanding of the truth. I did not sleep much that Saturday night, but on Sunday due to divine providence I recieved my confirmation that the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is the only true church of God on this earth and I was baptized two weeks later. I had preveously applied science and reasoning to obtain the answer to my quetions but that was not sufficient. A humble earnest prayer was the turning point and soon all the knowlege I was able to glean about God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ made scientific sence and confirmed my answer gained through a prayer.

How I live my faith

God said:” This is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortlity and eternal life of man.” As I Love God, I must help in this work and I must do all I can to help as many individuals as possible, understand the requirements for the obtaining of immortality and eternal life and the role that Jesu Christ plays in this eternal plan. I have been trying to do this for over 50 years now. I have served in many callings in the LDS church, trying to live a good, honest and righteous life, raising a family and trying my best to live up to the standards set by God. I have been and still am a teacher to the youth of Zion to help them to a better way of life. I have served as a full time missionary, sunday school teacher, professor of engineering at Brigham Young University, bishop, scout master and a number of other church callings. I have taught, worked in administrative positions, and worked in the community, all of which most often related to the youth. I am Ed ad I am a Mormon