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Hi I'm Hunter.

I play marimba and violin. I want to change the world with a song in my heart. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a concertmaster in a high school symphonic orchestra. I'm also a percussionist in a world-renowned high school percussion ensemble: with this ensemble, I've played in a clinic at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Convention, earned a 3rd place medal in Indoor Percussion world finals, and this November will play a concert at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention. I have a strong desire to write and play music for the rest of my life. Besides music, I love history and social science. The complex patterns in both individuals and societies fascinate me. Eventually, I'd like to enter into politics, but not before studying economics, sociology, and political science extensively (hopefully at schools like Yale and Harvard). I believe strongly in the moral goodness of humanity. I strive to live a life which holds no shame in my own eyes, and I believe that all humans have the capacity of self control and benevolence- that the human race has the ability to construct a completely just society which provides the opportunities of happiness to all. I feel like Idealism is merely long-sighted Pragmatism.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the LDS church by faithful parents. Starting in my early teens and continuing till around my 16th birthday, I experienced serious doubts concerning religion and the purpose of existence. I did not reveal these doubts; I kept them hidden. I did not even talk about them to anyone else until after my final decision. And what was my final decision? Obviously I have kept with my upbringing in the LDS church, or I wouldn't be here. There has always been physical evidence for the LDS church. The huge church welfare program, among other things, seemed to indicate to me that Mormons were one of the supreme forces for good in today's world. Much of LDS doctrine had made sense to me. But many things in the world can be sensible or good, so I needed a deeper confirmation of the Church before I could commit myself to it as an adult. My ultimate reasoning, after long deliberation, was that humans must accept what they perceive as truth to be true, or else happiness and progress are impossible. After this realization, things became clear to me. Nothing else in the world emanated more truth for me than the LDS church did; and I'm serious, I studied many different schools of thought (or as much as an internet-savvy high schooler can), and they all faded before the divine truth I perceived in the LDS faith. Some may say that the feelings of truth that Mormons attribute to the Holy Ghost are figments of our imagination. But I say, with complete confidence, that they are not. I cannot even explain why; complete knowledge of truth and the workings of the universe are not available to me, but for some reason, I can testify with complete knowledge that the Church of Jesus Christ is from God, and accomplishes the work of God. It is an ineffable knowledge, but an undeniable one. Even when I don't completely understand every last aspect of God's plan or gospel doctrine, this testimony stands strong and unshakable. This is why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I'm a priest in the Greenwood II "Ward" of the Mormon church. Being a priest means I help to teach and lead the younger youth in my ward, as well being given the responsibility of blessing the weekly sacrament. One of the key tenets of Mormon doctrine is service, and as such I try to serve in as many local projects as possible with my busy schedule. Often this means helping to stock and fill welfare orders at the local church welfare storehouse, and equally as often this involves ward-organized service projects for local organizations. I feel like service is a daily activity as well, so I try to serve everyone I meet by brightening their days in some way. In the long term, I hope to serve by helping to improve humanity's situation. I also serve through school by participating in Student Government, specifically the "Raising Student Voice and Participation" committee. Though I am far from perfect, I keep my words, thoughts and actions pure, try to be a peacekeeper in tense situations, and try to live as a moral example in all ways.