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Hi I'm Darren Julian

I'm a Mormon. I am a company owner in Canada and an identical twin and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a father of 3 , two boys and a girl. I run a maintenance company in Canada. I love to travel with my family and create happy memories of family with them. I love hockey and play in a mens league , my favorite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs. I also enjoy collecting sports memorbillia and movie items. I enjoy watching inspiring films with my kids , I also love to BBQ. I enjoy nature , going for walks. Finally I love spending my days with my wife.

Why I am a Mormon

Me and my twin brother both joined the church together at the age of 19. I read the book of Mormon and did as the missionaries said which is to ask for myself if its true. I really wanted to know for myself I knelt in prayer and it was answered I knew it was true. I felt so much peace so much happiness at that moment I cant deny my feelings. The plan the missionaries taught all made sense , I felt so much love for Heavenly Father for being able to have such truth placed before me , to read of prophets on the North americans and to know that Jesus Christ visited the people on this land stood in the midst of thousands and let them come forth to feel the nail marks in His hands and feet I just wept. I know why I am here , the purpose of this life and that the Gospel was restored in our day. I felt so strong about my testimony I left with my twin brother after only one year in the church and went to England to serve a full time mission. I left behind all my schooling , my new GT Mustang and the love of my life my Michelle to go and share the knowledge I had found with others. I felt so blessed by the Gospel that I had to proclaim it to the world I felt it is the least I could do good men and women and prophets remained so faithful in order for us to have The Book of Mormon today my small mission was hardly a sacrfice when you take into account the Prophet Joseph Smith gave his life. I continue to testify , pray , exhort others to the truths and joy I have found. I firmly testify to all who read I am just a normal every day man but I testify to you that Jesus is the Christ , he lives He is not just a story in the Bible He walked the earth His wounds are real and I will feel them one day for they were for me and I want to say thank you. I cant comprehend His love as to lay His own life down for me , to be in anguish in the Garden of gethsemane , Joesph Smith a normal man of simple pure faith is a prophet and translated the Book of Mormon its true.

How I live my faith

I enjoy greatly trying to help and serve others I feel such joy and such a sense of belonging. I also feel humble to serve those in need. I work with the young men and together we serve others even in small ways by raking leaves or snow shoveling for the elderly. I also enjoy coaching soccer and helping at the food shelters.

What is done with the tithing that Mormons pay?

Darren Julian
The funds that faithful members give for their tithing go towards things like expenses in running the church like heat hydro. They also are used for building temples ,churches, for missionaries. I testify that my life has been so blessed with joy and happiness by living this commandment. I know its true , I know that the ten percent I give is the Lord's for the building of his kingdom. Read the promise in Malachi 3:10 its very powerful. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Darren Julian
I will never get tired of answering this question. When I wake in the morning and start my day I do so in prayer I close that prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. When I go about my day He is in my heart I think each day how could I be more like Him this day , when asked who is my Hero I reply Jesus Christ , when I bear my testimony I speak of Jesus and His Atoning sacrifice I weep at the thought of the great pains He felt for me. I strive to be like Jesus in all I do and say , He is my friend. I teach my children about Jesus , I am never ashamed to speak His name. I partake the sacrament each week on Sunday this is also done in the name of Jesus Christ I attend the church that bears His Holy name. I read of Jesus in the Bible I also read of Him in the Book of Mormon a book that testifies of Him. Mormons are Christians , the Savior is at the very head of the church when I was baptised I promised to take upon me the name of Jesus and always remember Him. I am a Christian I believe in Jesus Christ I love Jesus Christ , I testify that He is real. Show more Show less