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Hi I'm Adam

I love Music, Colors, Randomness. And I'm a Mormon! :)

About Me

HI! My name is Adam! :) I grew up in Colorado. I love it! I served in the Pocatello Idaho Mission for 2 years I am attending Collage Writing is one of my outlets, thinking about stories and people that I can create. I love taking pictures of anything that's interesting or that looks too beautiful not to remembered. I Have a Passion for Art; seeing it ,hearing it, tasting it, and performing it. I love Acting on stage; one of my big dreams is to write a play for a big production company and Act in my own show and continue to write things for a career. I like to Sing, Play Zelda ( or classic Video Games), Make people Laugh , Eat, Color and Draw, Watch Movies, Imagine, Shopping, not using proper grammer..........uuuuuummmm.......,and a lot of other stuff. I really enjoy listening to Music, I listen to about EVERY kind there is from Classical and Easy listening to Heavy Metal , as far reaching as Hip-Hop and Funk to Punk Rock and Classic Rock , and are tons and TONS of more groups and genres I could name!!!! I love to ride my Bike, seeing new places and where I can end up pedaling with two wheels rather than running with two feet. I just love to Have fun, Being with friends, Having ADVENTURES!, and being crazy in stuffs! ;)

Why I am a Mormon

Well I feel that there is no better way to live than in accordance with Jesus Christ and his teachings. No other religion makes sense to me really; the church is simple and its closest to what I have found to the scriptures. I grew up in the church but for the longest time I didn't think that I had a testimony of the Gospel. I knew that the principles and the standards of the Church were good and they were righteous things but I didn't gain that sure testimony that the Book of Mormon was true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet until I was about 14 or 15. I was very similar to Joseph Smith, not sure where to go or how to act. I came to the conclusion that I had to do as it says in Moroni 10:3-5. I knelt down by my window and offered a prayer. As I did I felt a sens of peace and comfort that can only come from the Holy Ghost. I had a confirmation that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Book Of Mormon is the Word of GOD, and that I had a Testimony all along . And ever since then I have a sense of direction that is undynibly from our Heavnly Father. I know that he loves me and knows me better than I know my self. And that it is the same for those of you reading this. He's mindful of you and knows what you are going through. I promise that if you ask in faith to KNOW that these things(The Book Of Mormon) are true, intend to and act on the answer that you get GOD will answer and He will Bless you with all that you stand in need of and more. I love you! I may not know you, hear from you, or know your there, but I Love you becasue our Heavenly Father showed me how to love becasue of this answer that I reciveid from him. I know that these things are true, that GOD lives and He loves and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

How I live my faith

I live my faith by living the Doctrine of Christ. Coming to Church and renewing the convent I made at the time of My Baptism by taking the Sacrament. As well as living the commandments and by example; trying to be the very best that I can be by loving others,seeing how I can improve my attitude and actions.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon was written and named after the Prophet historian named Mormon; he and his ancestors had been commanded by GOD to keep and Maintain a History of the People the Nephites, and the Doctrine of Christ's church which he established in the Old World (Jerusalem) and the New world (America) . They were a people who in the Beginning were led by a man named Nephi who was a righteous man that led his family form the land of Jerusalem to the promised land America. Mormon and later his son Moroni Compiled and abridged the history of the people of Nephi so that future generations would know how merciful the Lord has been to the people in this land. Later it was revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith by Moroni who was now an angle where this record was kept so he could obtain it to translate it by the gift and power of God. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

One thing that I have found in Life is that the most horrible feeling is being Uncomfotable. No one likes it. We reposition our selfs to have more padding when the chair, bed, or couch we are on feels hard. In the same way we may feel uncomfortable when faced with the truth that someone may be more happy than ourselfes or when we find something that we need to change and improve ourselfes to become better. Some People know that the Gospel/ the Church is true yet they lash out in vocal ways through the Media and spread rumors and flat out lies about the church, some lash out in violance. All because they don't what to change or admit falt with what they have belived. When they do lash out those rumors and lies spread, then people believe them. But when they find that Members of the Church are good honest people that are trying to follow Christ and the commandments that we have been given since the beginning to the best of thier ability thier hearts are changed. Things in the Church are not as hard as they seem the greatest happiness is found by living the Gospel. Show more Show less