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Hi I'm Ana Karen

I'm a volinist, I'm a hairstylist, I'm a convert, I'm a Zumba addict,I love photography, I'm happy and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Ana karen. I play the violin, i have played for about nine years. I love photography and will be going to school for it soon. I love working out at the gym, one of my all time favorite classes is Zumba, its a great way to dance and get a work out. I went to cosmetology school, and i love being a hair stylist. I enjoy trying new things, from food to activities. I am addicted to watching the cooking channel..even though i have no clue how to cook. I like hiking and camping, paintballing, fishing even though I am not a good fisher! I love helping others, I am happier when i know im helping someone become a better person. Since i love helping people i want to become a conselor and help people find a way to better themselves and find beauty in their life's. I'm a mama's girl, and i love expressing my love to others as well as to my family,

Why I am a Mormon

I converted when i was 15 years old with my mom and sister. I'm simply amazed at how the Lord works with each and one of our life's. The church was always around us, we often had missionaries visit our home, but i can never remember them teaching us. We were invited to the temple to see the chirstmas lights and other activities they had there, but again it never clicked that this was the LDS church! We moved from Mesa to Queen Creek and it seemed like there wasnt a lot of missionraies in this area. Years passed and we saw the missionaries but never asked them to come by, and when they would come by and try and share a message, we where the family that would shout " Mama the elders are here, turn the Tv off and everyone be quiet". The funny thing was that they knew we were home, sometimes they would stay until we opened and sometimes they left laughing because they could hear us. Our family then went though a really hard trial, that till this day seems to affect us in a painful way, we lost the peace and love in our home. My mom started to see that we were going through a hard time with everything, she prayed that we could have peace in our home again. One day there was a knock at the door,there was two men dressed in white shirts, we knew it was the elders. As the meeting went on they taught us a lesson, and asked if they could leave with a prayer. Once the elder finished the prayer and we said goodbye, the peace and love our family had been longing for was back. after a few months they asked us if we wanted to be baptised we agreed, we felt peace and thats what we needed. I'm amazed at how the Lord worked with my family,it was as if He blinded us for years while the elders visited us. Until we recieved the hardest trial that changed our life's, thats when he saw we needed help and he knew we were humble. I know all of this was in the Lord's timing and he was preparing us with a hard trial, to finally recieve his true gospel, and recieve never ending happiness.

How I live my faith

" I believe in Jesus Christ like I believe in the rising sun, not so much that i can see it but that by it, I can see everything else"-C.S Lewis Because I converted, i have been able to see my trials and tribulations in a different way. I have been able to see beauty in the struggles i phase, because i know the Lord is with me, and i know that the church is true. After getting baptised, i had a hard time understainding the Book of Mormon. I finally decided to do something so simple yet somewhat hard. I kneeled and asked my heavenly father if this was true, i recieved peace and comfort after that i was able to read the scriptures with full understanding and reciving guidance from Heavenly father through the scriptures. I have gained a strong testimony of this gospel through sincere prayer. This gospel has changed my life, it has completly transformed me into the person i had been longing to become. I am the happiest i have ever been, i know that the life thats ahead of me is going to be hard, but with the Lord nothing is impossible. I know this church is true because I become happier, and a better person everyday. I finally know my worth,who i am and what i stand for and i wouldnt change it for the world. When you feel like you are not sure of something, simply just pray about it. Ask heavenly father for help and guidance and he will answer. "faith is taking the first step, even though you cant see the whole staircase" That first step was asking the Lord for help, and he has blessed me with a small glimpse of what my future holds. I dont have to be affraid of what will happen because i know the Lord is by my side and i know he loves me and will guide me through everything.