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Hi I'm Jeremy

I'm Photographer, a Believer, an Alaskan Missionary and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Im a missionary for Jesus Christ in the Alaska Anchorage Mission. I LOVE ALASKA!!! Im originally from the beautiful, warm, desert of Arizona. I miss the Cactus and the monsoon thunderstorms but I guess the mountains, the ocean, and 65 degree summers are an ok trade off. Black and white traditional photography is a huge part of my life. I hope to someday work as a photojournalist or a school teacher in a warm island town.

Why I am a Mormon

Being a photographer and working with people in the art field I've created friendships and been exposed to people from all kinds of backgrounds, that have different ideas and opinions and are not afraid to express them. Im a huge believer of self expression and being who you are. I went through a time in my life when I wondered if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was too judgemental of people and I thought it was wrong of them to be telling people what they could and couldn't do. Who was the Church to determine what was a sin, who was the church to say if I could have a tattoo or not. I felt like the church had an ideal vision of what of what a person should be and that everyone must conform to it or they are a bad person. This was hard for me because I have many family members and friends that were not of my faith, that have different ideas and values. I knew these people were still amazing people and that God would love them despite their differences. I knew that if I was able to see the good in someone that had a tattoo, smoked, or struggled with things the church frowned upon, I knew that the Loving God I had been taught about would be able to as well. Fortunately, with faith, prayer, scripture study, and a good example from my parents I was able to understand and see something I couldn't see before. I was able to learn for myself that each of us has a Loving Heavenly Father that will always love us, and because he loves us he has given us commandments. His commandments can be found in the scriptures and through the words of his servents the Prohets. I have come to learn that his commandments are a protection for us. Without commandments and rules there is complete chaos. I know when we follow Christ's commandments thats when we are the happiest. Everyone can still be themselves and make their own choices, but God has revealed to us the choices that will bring us lasting hapiness.

How I live my faith

The key word is LIVE in "how I live my faith." As a missionary I try to share what I know about Jesus Christ and why I'm grateful for him with anyone that is willing to listen. I think one of the most important things to share with people is the example of Jesus Christ. It's had a profound effect on me when people show his example to me by living what he taught and that is what I try to do and hope for. I'm not always perfect at every aspect but it definitely makes a difference when I at least try. Its good to know about Christ and what he did and taught, but I need to actually apply it to my life and be doing what he taught (being patient, loving others, serving, working, keeping the commandments) for it to work for me. I'd rather see a sermon than hear one.