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Hi I'm Krystal

I grew in up in Mesa, Arizona. I am a wife and new mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently a working woman, part-time in a physical therapy clinic. I am happily married to a wonderful husband. We have been married for a little over a year. We recently found out we are expecting our first child! I was going to school to be a physical therapist assistant. My life has changed with the news of expecting. I quit school to prepare for the baby so I can be a stay-at-home mom, which has always been my life dream! Education is greatly important to me and leaving school was a very difficult choice. I know this is the best for my family though. I have always enjoyed sports! Mountain biking and racquetball are some of my favorites. I have enjoyed playing volleyball and softball with friends and I was once on a league. My natural talent in sports is a more "jack of all trades, master of none" sort of ordeal. I am good at just about any sport I try, but I do not excel in any sport. I have participated in a few triathlons, which I highly enjoyed. After the baby comes, I hope to begin training again for another triathlon. I'm a pretty simple person. I enjoy life and my motto seems to be "Make life an adventure!" I am all about having fun and enjoying life. My parents taught me to work hard and play hard. I love hiking and camping and the fresh air right after it rains. I enjoy reading good, wholesome books in my free time. Actually, I have an infatuation with buying books, but I shop for books at thrift stores, where they are much cheaper, but still as good to read!

Why I am a Mormon

My mom's parents converted to the church, when my mom was 3 years old. My dad joined the church as a young man of 17. As a child, I had a great deal of faith. I knew what my parents taught me was true. My teenage years is where the trials of my faith began. When I was a senior in high school, I set a goal to read the Book of Mormon from beginning to end. I set a deadline. It required me to read 5 chapters each day. It brought questions and understanding. I would pray with my reading to know if it was true. It was during that time and through that experience that my faith in Jesus Christ and His gospel solidified into a knowledge of truth I could never deny. I am grateful I challenged myself to read the Book of Mormon for that reason. My young adult years I faced even greater trials. I continued to read the Book of Mormon and other scriptures each day to help me face my trials and overcome sins. I prayed daily for God's strength to be with me, to face my challenges. Finally, a sanctuary came. I prepared myself for missionary service and when it came, as excited as I was, I felt highly inadequate. As I served as a missionary, daily testifying of the gospel of Jesus Christ and God's love for us, I was changing. I began recognizing more and more ways I was not Christ-like and worked each day to change that. I learned more fully about how to implement the Savior's atonement into my daily life. Since returning home from my missionary service, I strive to be more like my Savior, because I know it is through His great love and sacrifice that I can have salvation and live with my family forever! I know this church is true because it teaches us about our Savior, how to be like Him, and how to do and act as He did. The most important part is that I know that it was Jesus Christ who had God's authority to save us and to teach us how to be saved, and he gave this authority to his apostles, and through miraculous visits of these great men, God's authority is in this church still.

How I live my faith

I have a wonderful opportunity to serve among the youth. Each Sunday I get to help teach lessons to the young women, ages 12-18. Each Wednesday evening we get together and have fun participating in activities that we plan, whether they are service projects in the community, like shoveling horse manure, or just having fun getting to know each other in different and fun ways. It is definitely challenging at times since young girls go through many changes and sometimes create drama with their raging emotions, but without the challenges where would the adventure be? It's a tough world to grow up in and I get to help these girls see that it's not the end of the world, their is hope and happiness in everyday. I also get to live my faith by serving four specific women in my neighborhood. Each woman is very different from the other, including their levels of faith in God. Each woman has her very own challenges and I get to help by serving her. I do my best to be her friend and love her. I love this because they help me without realizing it. When I stop by to visit with them, I go in hoping to make their day brighter, and I leave feeling like mine sure is brighter. It is always wonderful to have opportunities to serve, even in the smallest ways.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a mormon is wonderful because it brings joy and understanding to everyday life. It doesn't make life any less challenging, but it helps the perspective remain positive and uplifting. It can be empowering as you go through challenges. All it takes are doing some simple, basic everyday things: pray, study the scriptures, and listen and obey. If a mormon is truly living the teachings they are taught, then that is a happy person! Show more Show less