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Hi I'm Jordan

I'm a massage therapist, a husband, and a father. I'm a healer, a learner, and a teacher. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a happily married man to an amazing woman for the last ten years. I am the father of three children. I have a daughter and son in elementary school and a baby boy. I've been a licensed massage therapist for over eight years and to me it's a dream job. It's always made me feel good to help other people feel good. Now I practice medical massage mostly on people who have been injured on the job or in a car accident. Being able to help someone who has chronic pain overcome their injuries and transform their own bodies into a healthier state is something I find very fulfilling. God has created our wonderous bodies so that they will heal themselves if we can figure out how to stop damaging them and learn how to care properly for them. Water, real food, proper exercise, and quality sleep can give our bodies what they need to heal and grow stronger. In the same way God has designed our spirits to be nurtured through regular spiritual study, meditation, prayer, service, and repentance so that our we can grow to be more like Jesus Christ, our Perfect Example.

Why I am a Mormon

Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps me to keep my spirit well nourished and helps me become a more whole human being. As I make an effort to change my behaviors and align them with the truths the gospel teaches, I've seen myself mature into more of the kind of person that I want to be. Life hasn't gotten any less challenging but I'm able to meet it with a better perspective, more peace, and hopefully make fewer big mistakes along the way---or at least learn from the mistakes I've made so I don't have to keep repeating them. But the biggest reason I'm a Mormon is because I know it's true. The Truth rings crystal clear in me whenever and whereever I encounter it. And my religion allows for that. The fact is that Truth is Truth no matter where you learned--be it at church or elsewhere. Yet, God has brought more Truth and Light to my life through membership in His Church and the teachings of inspired leaders than I have found anywhere else. I like that there are always answers to my questions when I ask with patience and faith. The answer is never really, "Oh, well, that's just one of God's mysteries." It's more like, "If it's really important to you to understand the answer to that question then keep praying and faithfully searching for an answer and in God's time and according to His Will, He will reveal the truth to you." This is just one more thing that proves that God loves His childern and wants them to be happy like He is.

How I live my faith

One of my favorite ways to live my faith is by sharing truth with others. I appreciate opportunities to give a talk or a lesson and do my best to share the message God intends for people to hear. I enjoy participating and contribuiting to other peoples lessons in Sunday school classes. Sharing truths I've learned goes isn't just a hobby I enjoy. It's more like a spiritual need. I'm try hard not come accross as "preachy" or impose on people who aren't looking for an in depth gospel discussion but if someone has questions and I can help answer them I get excited. Often I feel the best way to share the gospel with others is just by being a real disciple of Christ in everything you do. The Church also provides me with more traditional ways to serve like helping out in the community with things like food drives and improving public places like parks or historic sites. Sometimes there's an opportunity to serve someone who is sick, or just going through a hard time. I try to be a good neighbor, citizen, and coworker. Looking out for other people, bring more light into their lives, and letting them know you care is---to me---living my faith at it's most basic level.