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Hi I'm Chuck

I'm a Mormon. I converted to the LDS church at 22, and my life has been richly blessed as I've followed the gospel.

About Me

My name is Chuck. My passion is for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and for music. I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful career. I have a wonderful wife, we have been married five years, and have a beautiful daughter and puppy. I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and the way that it helps me live a provident, happy, and successful life through its teachings (or else I wouldn't spend the time to write this). I wasn't raised Mormon, but was always curious about God and religion. In my youth I always wondered why there were so many churches and how is it fair to have so many and not know which was right. I always kept God on my mind, and would say the "And now I lay me down to sleep" prayer at night. I knew God was watching me so I tried to do right when I was young. I had my difficulties growing up, and when I found myself getting lost, over trials and time I turned to God, and he turned me to the LDS church when I prayed for direction. When I learned God loved me and answers prayers to know this was his true church I rejoiced and was baptized. When the missionaries taught me that he called a Prophet in our age, Joseph Smith, I felt a strong, confirming witness this was true. They asked me to pray to know that the Book of Mormon was true, and I did. God revealed this truth to me by his Holy Spirit through my prayers. My life has been full of joy and growth ever since. My hobbies are basketball, writing and producing hip-hop gospel music.

Why I am a Mormon

I wasn't raised in church. I always had a strong belief in God, and that he was always watching and cared what you did, and that you had to answer for it. As a teenager, and even before, I always wondered why there were so many religions. I wondered what God wanted me to do, and I felt guilty for things I knew were wrong that I did. I prayed often, although I did not have a specific religion. This nature came to help me in my future, as I lost my way in life. Through prayer, I was able to sincerely ask God to get me out of the funk I had gotten myself into through my bad choices. Even in this lost and fallen state, God heard my prayers. He lead me to long lost family members who helped me get back to a normal, functional life. This same family member had also recently found the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It changed his life for the better. I was introduced to the church, was taught by missionaries, and was invited to read the Book of Mormon, and pray to know if it was true, and to ask God if Joseph Smith was a prophet. I did pray, with a sincere heart, and with real intent to act upon the answer I received. I received my own answer from God that these things were true. I was baptized, and ever since I have lived the gospel I was taught. It has brought me joy. I served a mission, which was one of the best experiences of my life. I know how a wonderful, beautiful wife, and a beautiful daughter. They, along with he gospel, bring me joy.

How I live my faith

I life my faith by trying to be the best person I can be, and correcting myself when I'm not. I try to study the Book of Mormon, Bible and other scriptures daily. I try to attend the temple with my wife as much as possible. I try to be active in church by serving in my calling - a non paid job that most members of the church have to keep the system functioning. I have served as a Scoutmaster of my ward, and also served in teaching 8-9 year old children each Sunday (it's called Primary) with my wife. I joined the church in 2005 (after having the experiences I spoke of in the About Me section), and I at the time was eager to share the wonderful blessing I had witnessed in my life daily as I loved by the gospel. I was so eager to share that I chose to leave my job and family to go to wherever the Lord (through his living Prophet at the time, Gordon B. Hinckley) asked me to go in the world to share the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the short period between my joining the church in 2005 to when I left on my mission in 2006, I had received so many witnesses, almost daily, of how fulfilled and joyful a person could be by living by the truths of this church. So with that, I was called by the Lord to serve in Omaha Nebraska. I served there for two years, meeting as many people as I could and teaching them about how God restored his full teachings in our day and age for our benefit through men he chose to be his current prophets and apostles. I testified and taught daily of how this could bless others lives. Not everyone I taught accepted our teachings, however those who did I saw a mighty change in their hearts and countenances. In some cases it seemed like a light turned on, or something they had been searching for they almost didn't know they were searching for they finally found. The restored gospel of the LDS church gives us purpose in knowing God's plan for us, and what we mean to Him. He loves us, and wants us to be with Him.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

The full true gospel of Jesus Christ needed to be restored because it had been lost from the earth. The only way for the gospel to remain on earth at any time is through revelation from God to man. Without revelation from God men misconstrue what God wants us to know or do. This is how the formation of many church come about. Think of a good sized, perfectly constructed diamond that is very valuable. Imagine that diamond was broken into many smaller pieces. Many people would see the value in the pieces and take them and do what they want with them. This concept applies to God's church. When the church is broken by men and women (through falling away and rejecting God's revelation to them) people made their own church with the pieces they had. This is one reason why people of many faiths, Christian or not, emphasize different pieces of the whole that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. They may teach the importance of the Bible, or of baptism, or of repentance. However, as a whole, no church had the whole truth to teach. This was the case after Jesus Christ and his Apostles were martyred. They were the last men for 1800 years to receive true revelation from God to keep the church whole. After this long withdraw of God's full truth, God visited the earth with Jesus Christ, and answered the prayers of a young Joseph Smith and through Joseph restored the fullness of His Church. Joseph received revelations and was chosen to rebuild the Lord's full true church again. Show more Show less