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Hi I'm Travis

I'm a graphic designer. I love playing the piano and painting. I love family, food and fun, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have a wonderful wife. We've been married for almost a decade. Together we try to keep up with our three active, beautiful, crazy kids. I graduated with a degree in fine art, with an emphasis in graphic design. I work as a creative director for an ad agency, and love design and art. I love to paint and create. I love to travel and see new cultures and places. I've been everywhere from Tahiti and Fiji in the South Pacific to the Matterhorn in Switzerland and Disneyland, but I always have a new place I want to go. I love music and enjoy playing the piano. I love to compose music.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Mormon faith all my life. My parent, grandparents, great-great grandparent were members. My story starts back many generations. But as you grow up you must make a decision for yourself as to who you are and what you believe. You must write your own story. And though I saw the path that my family had taken, there came a time in my life where I needed to find out who I was. That self-discovery isn't a singular experience. It takes years, and I'm still forming who I am, and what I want to become. But over the years, I've come to know that God is real. He is my father. I'm his son. He knows me, He knows all about me. He's in the details of our lives. And as we come to know Him, we see his hand in our lives in small and simple ways. As we talk to Him, and we bring Him questions, concerns or challenges we're facing, we see that He sends unmistakable answers into our lives. It isn't always the same way he answers. Sometime it is a calm peaceful feeling that something is right. Sometimes it's an urgency to do something. Sometimes it's a sense to not do something or to leave a situation. Sometimes it's the words or deeds of another person unaware of there actions that bring an needed answer. Sometimes it's a still small voice audible only to your heart, but that speaks clearly words of comfort, correction or, council. As I've looked for and seen those quiet answers to prayers and promptings to be better I've chosen to follow them. In doing so, I realize I've become quite a different person than I would have thought I could have become. I've changed, but for the better. And while I'm nowhere near perfect, I can see that through the love of my Heavenly Father I can become better each day. I can become more like Him. And as I do so I like more and more who I am, and who I'm becoming.

How I live my faith

Faith for me is a daily thing, in fact it's a every moment thing. You are what you do. Faith is an action towards something. If I sit around all day watching TV, I have faith in TV. To that end I try to fill my life with things that really do matter most (even though there may still be some TV in the mix). Every day I read the scriptures for 10-15 minutes. The scriptures to me are the words of God, and as you read them and apply them to your life, you can hear God speak to you. I pray everyday. Prayer to me is talking to God—it's a conversation—it's a development of a relationship. I also try to each day take time to think. I love quite moments of thinking. I love turning the radio off during my commute to listen to what I have to say to myself. And sometimes it's amazing what God has to say to me. Besides those daily personal things I do, I'm involved in my ward (congregation). I love teaching. I've taught seminary, which is an early-morning religion class for high-school students, that they attend before each day of school. Right now I'm working in the Elder's Quorum, which is the church's men's organization. What I love about participating in church responsibilities is that your are given the opportunity to work in a wide variety of situations, from teaching children and youth, to being in charge of service or clerical tasks. You also get the opportunity to work with an array of people who come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, but who come together to work for a common purpose. Each of these varying circumstances gives you a chance to grow and expand who you are.