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Hi I'm Taylor

I'm a Utah boy, a farmer, a nonconformist, I like to go against the grain, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Well, here goes. I grew up on a mink ranch in the middle of a fairly well developed city, so I like to say I got the best of both worlds. I am definitely not a redneck or a hick, and I am not much of a city slicker either. Growing up on a farm really taught me to appreciate a hard days work. There is not quite anything as rewarding as a hard days work. However, since I still grew up in a city setting I love being around lots of people and enjoying the various activities that come with the city life. Family, friends, movies, music, and books I guess you could say is my Top 5 of Life. All of these five things have had a really big impact on who I am and the way I live. Currently I am on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but I have gone to college and I plan to return to college. If my dream comes true one day I hope to work in the film making business, but as a back up I am considering going to work for the FBI. At this point who knows what I am going to do. I have always appreciated a good book, and I can honestly say that reading had a large impact on my childhood. But I have to admit that I am a sucker for my family. I love them and they are the most important thing in my life. And that is my self description in 1500 characters, I know it's not too entertaining, but I hope it got the point across.

Why I am a Mormon

That's a pretty loaded question. I am a Mormon because I have had personal experiences in which the Spirit has told me that this is God's kingdom here on the Earth today. That's it plain and simple. Honestly my conversion to the teachings of Jesus Christ all began with the examples of my parents. Everything they did and taught me pointed me to the Savior and living a better life. As in all people's lives there came a point where I wanted to know for myself, and I could no longer just rely on the testimony of my parents. That moment of truth came when I chose to serve a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My choice to serve a mission became the single most important decision I have ever made. Being put in a position where the only person I had to rely on was myself and my Heavenly Father forced me to cultivate that relationship or sink under the pressures of life. The reason I am a Mormon is because when that moment of truth came, God did not let me sink, but He upheld me. I now know that he is there and loves all His children. We are never alone. Because He came to my aid, I know this is His true church on the Earth and this is how we find true happiness. By following the example of God's Son, Jesus Christ, we can find peace and happiness in this world of constant turmoil and strife. So really the reason I am a Mormon is because it brings peace and happiness to not only myself, but to those that interact with each and every day. It is not only my religion, but it is who I am. It shapes every aspect of my day to day life. My faith not only refines me, but empowers me to help others to do and feel the same about following Jesus Christ and His teachings.

How I live my faith

One experience that has had an impact on me was when one of my friends told me to never be content with who I am and always seek to improve. Improving myself is what being a Mormon pushes me to do. Each day is a challenge to become better. That is what the Savior challenged all of His disciples to do, become perfect. And perfection is a long journey full of hard work and perseverance. This path of self improvement is not separate of my faith. My faith supplements and and supports me in this journey to become like the Savior. It provides the motivation to push me each and every moment of my life. It challenges me to look outside myself and seek to lift others that need help. I currently serve as a missionary, and that is our purpose. To lift those that have been drug down by the burdens of life. We provide the answer to life's problems by teaching them about the Savior and empowering them to overcome their personal struggles. That is how I live. To lift others through the teachings of Jesus Christ. We do this by visiting those who are lonely or in need. We not only provide help to the physically needy, but also to the emotionally and spiritually hungry as well. Living my faith does not only lift and inspire me, but the very essence of living my faith is to lift and inspire others to follow the example of Christ Himself. My faith is put into action when I accept the Savior's call to serve and love my fellow men. My faith is expressed in the actions that I do to encourage and help others to live better lives and enjoy the blessings that come from following the Redeemer of mankind.