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Hi I'm Courtney

I'm just a concert loving, Idaho girl living in Utah, who served a mission in Alaska, and I'm a mormon.

About Me

I was going to college studying Vocal Performance, but took a year off so i could serve the Lord full time in the Alaska Anchorage Mission. I loved my mission, it was the greatest thing i could have possibly ever done. I love going to concerts, that is definitely my thing. i will drive hours to see a show, get pre-sale tickets and wait all day to get that spot by the barricade. Music is huge in my life, it's my outlet and my relief. i also love snowboarding, going on walks, and reading.

Why I am a Mormon

I was lucky enough to be born in this church. I always knew it was true, i did my personal progress, got my young women's medallion, and was a seminary graduate. But i truly did not become fully converted until i was 19 almost 20 years old.It took 2.5 years of tests and trial to finally gain my true testimony of this gospel. When i graduated high school, i started in a program that wasn't for me, it just didn't feel right and i wasn't doing too well at it so i switched my major to music. I felt like i finally found my place, i was excelling in my field, and i was, what i thought happy. Then I felt like i needed to get out on my own so i moved out of the house i grew up in, and unfortunately started making friends with people who weren't very good for my spiritual well being . I slowly started not praying, not reading my scriptures, eventually i stopped going to church entirely. Everything seemed to have more priority than what i knew was right. I switched my major within my program getting more difficult studies. With harder pieces, harder classes, and not excelling in my field, i felt like such a failure and began not caring about anything. I figured, if i'm studying, trying my hardest and still failing, what is the point to even bother? After failing almost every class, i became very depressed. I couldn't feel anything but sadness, i tried to be happy but it wasn't inside me anymore. The feeling was completely gone. After months, i finally got the courage to fall on my knees and cry to my heavenly father to help me get back to where i needed to be. From going months upon months of feeling nothing but sadness, i finally felt the love of our heavenly father and i knew for a fact, he knew who i was and through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, i could get back to where he knew i needed to be. I'm a Mormon because i KNOW it's true. I KNOW God knows who i am, i know he loves me. I'm a Mormon because i can't deny the burning in my heart when i say it's true.

How I live my faith

At the moment how i "live my faith" is by forgetting myself and going to work, by serving full time for the Lord in the Alaska Anchorage Mission. I am fully active in my ward. I put my all into my calling and try to reach out to others. I do my visiting teaching so no woman who is on my list, will feel alone like i did. I was employed for a company, where i worked with people with special needs. Through this job i found that there are angels on this earth, and even when life is frustrating, it's better to love everyone no matter the circumstances, because everyone has something to teach. I am fully active in the institute program, going to my classes to bring myself closer to the Lord. I am definitely not perfect, but with Christ as my teacher, i can strive to be. I can learn to put others' faults aside and love them like Christ loves them. I try my best, put my faith in the Lord, and that's the best i can do.

What do Mormons believe about the Holy Ghost? Who is the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead. But, not having a body of flesh and bone, the Holy Ghost is a spirit so it can dwell within us. If you are already a member of the Church, at the age of 8 we are baptized and and confirmed by the proper authority and receive the Holy Ghost to dwell within us always, as long as we live worthily to keep the spirit with us. The Holy Ghost has many names, we call it the still small voice, the comforter, the spirit and many others. We call is the still small voice because, the Holy Ghost can speak to us and give us guidance, but it's a quiet voice, but more like a feeling. If we aren't really listening we won't be able to hear it or feel it. The Holy ghost can give comfort in times of sadness and trial. The Holy Ghost can also testify of truth by a "burning in your bosom" and it's probably one of the best feelings ever. The feeling of asking a question, receiving an answer and KNOWING it's true, is so completely amazing. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

The way you can really know if this is Gods true Gospel is to read from the Book of Mormon and sincerely ask God if it's true Ask him a specific Question like "Is the Book of Mormon true?" or " Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints your true church?"Then wait and listen to what the spirit tells you, and your answer may not come immediately. Normally answers come as feelings. But once you have received that witness from the spirit, act upon that witness you have received. It's as simple as that! Show more Show less