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Hi I'm Traci!

I am a Zumba lovin', fun and funky chick......I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a super fun girl with a lot of intersts! I love my 2 small children and enjoy the simple laughs and playtime! On any given day you usually can find me at Zumba class sweating and working out the best way that i know how to! It really has taken over my life! Aside from that, me and the hubby love vintage Volkswagens and just aquired our first 1967 VW bus! Cruzin" with the kids or alone with the safari windows open with the warm breeze of arizona air blowing in your face....is definatly something I cherish! I like to do almost anything that involves me going to a tropical place or a quick trip to Disneyland! I turn into a complete kid there and love it all! .... yep that is me! The crazy girl at church!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a convert of 5 years now ..I was always the life of the party and the one dancing until the club closed... Following that Path...I was single until 31 not really meeting anyone worth while to settle down with. I met my husband who grew up in the church and I thought he was so "strange"...he was mormon right? Arn't they all "bible thumpers" and don't ever have any fun and are "goodie 2 shoes"?.... For this club goer and bartender he sure did seem so different. He took me to church and explained every question I had...and before you knew it I was saying to myself "so why is he so weird?" A bunch of the answers he had for my questions like....."why do you wear weird underwear" and ... what is the deal with a temple?"...all seemed so logical once someone who was actually a "mormon" explained it to me! I mean I was sold on the fact that he and all his family were weirdos and were so goodie 2 shoes....that there was no possible way we would have anything in common! Being lutheren before....there is a lot of simularities. I never had any trouble with the gospel or beliefs...it was with the NO DRINKING NO SMOKING NO ....eeek dare I say sex before marrage. For me these were common place. I can tell you my life has changed so much for the better having given up all those things. I have a loving husband, 2 great kids, a body that doesn't have chemicals in it and a wonderful caring group of friends that will bring you whatever you need at the drop of a hat whenever you are sick or have trials..truely the church has changed my life and swung me in a direction filled with hope and excitement! The gifts I have been given in return have been so great I wouldn't trade any of the "things" I thought I could never give up for one minute...The lord has blessed me in so many ways, providing me with all I need and more...all of which I know would not be possible had it not been for me joining the church...Its not a church...its family!

How I live my faith

I enjoy the little things....a small voice saying don't do that...do this...or going somewhere with my 2 year old daughter and there is a picture of jesus and her saying..."theres Jesus mama!" all excited...I didn't even know she would so easily recognize his face in a non-church environment...it made me smile and feel like I know I am doing the right thing now..I am teaching my daughter that she is special and a daughter of God who can make good choices and go down a path that will lead her to a young man who will love her and take her to the temple to be sealed....thats laymans terms for married hehe! It is when I hear a talk at church and I feel renewed and smile throughout the day..Its going to a service project and knowing that someone is going to be unbelievably excited to get that care package. It is so simple, take out all the peer pressure and just look at yourself and do what is right for you...I know for me when I stopped caring about what anyone would think of me, was when I truely became most happy. :)

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

I had a hard time with this one...but from someone that did here is why. Even the best of athletes that you speak to will tell you several things as to how or why they live that way they choose to. They do not drink because it will affect performance and cause you to be sluggish and is a chemical to your body...thus not done... They would also tell you that they choose to eat well so that their bodies will perform "the way they were ment to" and they will be strong and succeed. They will choose to be more careful about what activities they do so they will not put their bodies in harms way. It is the same in the church...if it is not good for you...why would you do it? Drinking is not good for you...dah...eating out all the time and becoming overweight leads to many health issues...dah....dating non exclusively and being intimate can lead to heartache and many health issues....so it really is just that simple..the Lord gave you your chance at life in one body, treat it well, feed it well and guard it and it will bring you happiness. Show more Show less