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Hi I'm Roger

I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love the Lord, and have felt His power in my life.

About Me

My wife and I have 7 children and a growing contingent of grandchildren. We love our family. We have been married over 35 years, and counting. I have a bachelor's degree in accounting, and work as a CPA. I enjoy hiking (Grand Canyon 5 times), reading (Shakespeare, classical literature, history, theology, psychology, and some science), writing, gardening, and people.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were Mormon, as were their parents, and their parents. But that is not why I am a Latter-day Saint. That was just the avenue that helped me choose this path for myself. As a teenager I realized that I needed to know for myself if the things I had been taught were true. I studied the Bible, The Book of Mormon, and other scripture seriously. I thought about the things I had read and the things I had been taught. I tried to conform my life, as best I knew how, to the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As I prayed, studied, and tried to live the teachings of the Lord, the Holy Ghost confirmed to me that the things I had studied and learned are true. I began to experience the grace and goodness of the Lord in my life, and felt the power of His atonement bring about change in my heart. I came to know that the gospel message is true. It is years since that process began. As I have experimented upon His word since then, I have had many profound and significant personal experiences. The Holy Ghost has born witness to me on many occasions that the gospel message is true, that the Lord does live and care about each of us, and that by obedience to His commandments we can find great peace and happiness.

How I live my faith

The gospel teaches us that families are intended to last forever. My wife and I have worked hard to teach our children the principles of the gospel and to build a family that will last forever. We have been richly blessed in that effort, and are pleased to have a growing, exciting family that brings us great happiness. I spent a number of years teaching the scriptures to young people, who met on a daily basis at 6:40 a.m. to study the gospel before their high school classes began. Together we read and discussed the Old and New Testaments, The Book of Mormon, and other scriptures. I always felt blessed to be with young people who had enough faith to get up early and go to church every morning before going to school. For several years I years I served as a facilitator of a support group (Evergreen) for men who were trying to overcome feelings of same sex attraction and homosexual or other sexual addiction. We met weekly to discuss educational and gospel centered materials, and tried to provide encouragement and perspective to men who had stressful and severe personal problems. In that experience I learned of God's love for all of His children, and of the power of Christ's atonement to reach and heal even those who felt they were beyond His reach. He can heal and save even the most broken of us all. The scriptures teach us that when we are serving others we are in the service of our God. Over the years, I have had many opportunities to serve others. Whether or not they are family, as we serve one another we begin to understand that we are all family: all of us are the children of our Heavenly Father, and we are, quite literally, brothers and sisters.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

The most important way to know that there is a God is to develop a personal relationship with Him: to pray to Him and to receive His answers. Through the power of the Holy Ghost I have come to know that He is really there, that we are His children, and that He loves us. I think at times that we are surrounded by hundreds and thousands of His miracles every day, but because we are so accustomed to them, we become blind and cannot see any of them. Every day we breathe, we eat, we move and walk and talk. That we can do any of these things is miraculous. Every day plants grow, producing oxygen to replenish the air we breathe. Every day our lungs work, our heart beats, our other organs work: we don't think about it, worry about it, or feel any concern about it, until one day something goes wrong. Then we wonder why something bad has happened to us. Perhaps we should spend more time every day being thankful for all God has given us. One summer I spent some time at Scout camp, teaching young men about the stars. I was struck by the beauty of the heavens, as the Milky Way galaxy spread across the sky. The sight was incredible to behold. So bright were the stars (the moon was not up), that the Milky Way cast a shadow. It was humbling to gaze upon the handiwork of God, and to realize that it is on display for us every night. Show more Show less