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Hi I'm Sharla

I love to sing. I love to dance. I love to teach. I started a music school. I'm a mother of 5 children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love gardening and growing plants. Playing in the dirt is one of my favorite things to do. I'm heavily involved in composting, organic gardening, and recycling. I love eating the most healthy natural food I can to best take care of my body, especially if it is fresh out of the garden. I enjoy cooking fresh, tasty food. I love teaching. Because my daughter had a malignant brain tumor which she survived, I threw myself into finding ways to help her brain heal after the radiation treatments. It was that search that took me to the Multiple Intelligence theories of Gardner and the wonder of Brain Gym by the Dennisons. I applied it not only to my daughter's education, but to my role in teaching children's music. I now teach teachers around the United States how to use activities that best help children learn through many "types" of intelligences. I love teaching children's music classes, piano lessons, and teen voice lessons. I love directing youth choirs and adult choirs. I love teaching children how to compose and improvise with music in order to speak with their own voice through music. I'm writing a book about teaching children music. I love going on adventures with my family and friends. I love kayaking and canoeing, hiking and biking. I love being outdoors and enjoying the wonderful beautiful world. I love learning new things about plants, food, health, how children learn music, and the scriptures. I have so many questions and I enjoy studying to find the answers.

Why I am a Mormon

I have prayed all my life, but when I became a young adult, I began to get very specific, gentle answers. Then and now, whenever I follow those promptings, I am protected, I am redirected, or I become aware of someone else who needs my help. More than once I went to my knees in tears. After pouring out my heart, I received a peace and warmth that surrounds me to comfort me. It is always an amazing feeling bigger than myself. I know I have a Father in Heaven that hears me because I have heard His voice over and over again through prayer. I have studied the Bible again and again, and I am so grateful for the message of personal choice that comes from those pages. The Lord will never force the human heart, but He does know what will bring the most happiness to us. He will allow consequences and even trials to teach us and guide us. I'm so grateful for His plan. I am so grateful for His voice that guides me through not only the Bible, but also through the constant revelation of prayer. I have read the Book of Mormon and hear His voice strongly through that book, also. I'm so happy to have a real prophet that also speaks His word. What a relief in a confusing world! I recognize the Lord's voice as He speaks through the prophet, just like others have heard the Lord through prophets way before my time on earth. The more I study, the more questions I ask, the more I receive answers through that gentle voice. The workings of God to help His people here on earth are amazing and I see His hand as He governs The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I recognize His voice there. I am supported and sustained by His teachings through His prophets here on earth today. He sent His own witness of His word in the Book of Mormon. I have asked Him if that book is true, and He has answered yes.

How I live my faith

Because music is not very strong in our community schools, I teach a volunteer youth choir of about 100 teen voices ages 14 to 18. The goal is to have them feel the strength of joining together to accomplish great things, even though they are all very different people. Singing is the vehicle to help them learn deeper lesons of life. I have taken food to the homeless shelter, hauled trash to clean up a community park, and helped to sew bags to be sent to Africa. I have helped my son collect school supplies for Cape Verde, Africa, and have visited women who are alone. I support my daughter's toy drive every year to gather toys to take to children in South America, and I give out her styrofoam cups filled with granola bars, hot chocolate, and a few dollars to the homeless on street corners. I offer comfort and a listening ear to my hair dresser, my voice and piano students, and my neighbors. I try to see the good in other people. There is so much good to see. I believe the Lord loves diversity (just look at all the different plants He created), and I rejoice in all of the different people I see everyday in our very diverse community.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

I love my family. Heavenly Father is teaching me that my family really includes all His children. Because of that, I have a desire to connect with individuals everywhere. When I can, I would love to lend a helping hand. I know that people from all walks of life will step in to help me someday, too. After all, we are family. Mormons sincerely believe that and want to help their brothers and sisters, no matter what they believe. Show more Show less