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Hi I'm JuDene

My favorite color is hunter green, I love pasta, and traveling and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love people! I love to hear their stories, their points of view, their tragedies and triumphs (this website is great for it!) People are awesome! I love baby people. They are a miracle. I loved feeling life inside of me and nursing. I love that you had to work with pain to achieve something great. I dream about my babies now (even though they're grown up), after I've played with my grandchildren. Babies are the best! October and Autumn are my favorite time of the year! I have to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" to start out the holiday season. The farthest place I've ever traveled is Hong Kong, but my favorite is England & Europe! I have been blessed to travel to many wonderful places. Jobs I've had: Arby's, computer work at CPA office (back when computers were the size of a desk), and currently Bookkeeper with much smaller computers. I love to see my children. They make me laugh and warm my heart! I'm so proud of each one, and the one's who have joined to expand our family. My favorite book is "Bonds That Make Us Free". I love to read and learn so much when I do. Historical Fiction is also awesome! ("Kingdom & the Crown", "Work & the Glory", and "Children of the Promise") I am a "Pollyanna". I see the good in people and situations. I know it's not always good, but I want it to be. I know people have choices, and choices can make things better. If they don't want it to be good, they are not a "Pollyanna". I hate contention too, so don't argue this point with me.

Why I am a Mormon

I'd rather be called a disciple of Christ, than a Mormon, for that is what being a member of this church truly is. There are times we just go through the motions and try to be a good person, but then Heavenly Father says "where is the growth, where am I in your life", and things get shaken up. I've learned that since He gave us choices, very little is detrimental to our growth, as long as we learn and improve ourselves. I believe there is Divine Intervention throughout life. We just have to open our eyes to see the miracles. They are all around us. John Denver sang about it in "You Fill Up My Senses". Think about the words in that song, it's amazing. God does fill up my senses. I believe in Divine Placement too. There are people in my life who have come to teach me things that only they can. Family, especially children, friends, and even strangers I talk to in the line at a store. My Savior Jesus Christ was the perfect example and the more I study His words and ask for His guidance, the faster and deeper I learn. He teaches me true love, unconditional love, going outside of myself. "he who will loose his life for my sake shall find it" It is so true. I've learned not to push my views on anyone, but to share and invite. "Invite" is one of my favorite words. Patience is what He has with us, and developing that virtue will only improve our life. I can only be offended by my own choice, but I come pretty close when someone says "Mormons are not Christian". They do not know what they are speaking of. I follow Him who was born of the virgin Mary, baptized by immersion by John the Baptist, He who healed the sick and raised the dead, then gave Himself to be the sacrificial lamb for all mankind, the one who rose from the dead after 3 days, He who lives now and watches over us. I will be a Christian by taking His sacrament of the New Testament each week at church. I will take His name on me and follow Him all my days. For He washes me clean & calls me His!

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith by helping people. I have made many mistakes, but know that as I repent, Heavenly Father will use me to fulfill His purposes. I have many times felt impressions to go places, call people or do certain things. I am learning so much more about parenting now that I'm almost done with the raising part. These Divinely placed people in my family are some of the most amazing people I know. Since I love people and baby people, I'm passionate about life before birth. I feel bad for a woman who feels that abortion is her only choice. I am angered by doctors who know it's a life, and talk a "sister" of mine, in a desperate time, into an "easy out". I have done much volunteer work for this cause, and my heart aches when a woman tells me her story, and her regrets. Life is precious. Even to the end, what moments we can share and learn from each other! My husband and I felt strongly impressed to adopt a number of years back. I didn't really want to do the baby thing again, so we adopted an older child. That along with the rest of our children has been a huge blessing. Times have not always been easy, but they are definitely worth it! I have worked many years with the teenage girls (young women) at church. It really is a calling to "play", and now I'm in the nursery and get to play with even younger people. They are such a joy. My favorites are the ones that call me Grandmimi!