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Hi I'm LaFawn

I am a wife, mother, scientist and teacher. I love to contemplate the mysteries of the universe and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend. We share so many common interests and are always together. We love to travel and see places that we haven't seen before. Together we have 11 children, and 15 grandchildren. It keeps us busy, but I love a large family. I have a passion for science, particularly space. I spend many hours working with my students and going to lectures and seminars to better understand the driving forces of the universe. I teach Jr. High students and I couldn't find a job that I would love more! Even though it is a difficult age, they are like sponges, thirsting for knowledge, just like me! I have my Masters in Science and am working on my Doctorate. I am particularly excited about this degree as no one in the history of my family has held this honor. I also have a passion for cooking. It is my goal to someday make the perfect pie. Much to my husband's delight, I practice a lot! I think he secretly hopes I will never figure out how to make the perfect pie, so I will keep practicing!

Why I am a Mormon

Although I come from a long line of Mormon ancestors who gave up all they had for the church, at some point, I had to know for myself that the church was true. Even though I had always believed it was true, I had to KNOW. I remember praying for weeks on this topic. I was starting to feel frustrated and even doubt a little, when the confirmation came. It wasn't in the form of a vision, or any type of cataclysmic event, but a quiet feeling of assurance that entered my heart and mind and filled my entire soul with a warming enlightenment. I knew exactly where the feeling came from and that it was a direct answer to my prayers. I also knew in that moment that my Heavenly Father knew who I was personally. I knew he knew my name, my thoughts, my desires, my strengths and my weaknesses. After that experience, my relationship with my Father in Heaven changed. Instead of looking on Him as someone to fear and obey, I started seeing Him as a loving Father who wanted the best for me as His child. Being a scientist often puts me in groups of people who believe in reason and evidence. Many don't believe in God or any type of Deity. They say that science and religion don't mix. I find that not only do they mix, but I have yet to find a scientific principle that doesn't work within the teachings of the church. In fact, time after time as I learn new things, it supports the beliefs and doctrine of the church. I know my quest and hunger for knowledge is eternal, that what I learn in this life will be carried with me to the next and will not die when my spirit leaves this body. My family can be eternal as well. We knew each other before this life and we will recognize and know everyone that has passed before us when we return to our Father in Heaven. Not only did God speak to the biblical prophets of old, but He speaks to us today through a living prophet, for the specific needs of our time. These are a few of the reasons that I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is simply a part of my everyday life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so intertwined with my life, that I cannot separate the two. Religion is not just something I do on Sunday, but something I endeavor to do every moment of every day. Currently, my specific duty in the church is helping in the women's group. I help with lessons, organizing activities, and visiting and caring for sisters in our church boundaries. The few things I do richly bless my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to do them. All members of the church work voluntarily with no remuneration, including the leaders of the church. All of our collective talents bless us as a family of faith. The greatest testament of what I believe in is to live my life in the service of our Heavenly Father. It is the kind of life that He lived, and I desire to be like him as much as my failings allow me. I have a lot to learn, and I make many mistakes every day. Sometimes I feel discouraged and want to take an easier path, but I know that living the gospel ultimately makes me happy. Jesus Christ wants happiness for each of us, just as we want happiness for our own children.