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Hi I'm Katherine.

I'm a world-traveling wife and mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

.Like many, I am a Colorado transplant, but have been visiting this state all my life. Every summer, my family and I would visit our cabin in the Conejos Valley. It was there I learned to love the roar of waterfalls, the ripples in a pond when struck by skipping rocks, and digging for worms. Maybe it was our yearly expeditions that instilled in me a love for travel. At 10, I spent a week in Mexico with a violin youth group; at 14, two weeks in England with a youth symphony; and by 17, my parents relented to my pleas and let me visit continental Europe for a month. I was hooked. I went to college where I studied to teach English as a second language, took a break to live in Mongolia for over a year, finished school, and knew I wanted to live and work in, not just visit, Europe again. Poland was my country of choice. After six months in Warsaw, I was back in the US and was drawn to Colorado, my summertime getaway of youth. After working in the IT industry in Colorado for a few years, I continue to make my home here with my husband and two young sons. I stay at home with my children but dream of great adventures with my little family abroad in the future. For now, we'll start with the Grand Canyon

Why I am a Mormon

My parents have always been faithful and active members in the Church. I was raised to believe in God and Christ and to trust Them. As a child, my life was easy and my problems simple. Believing in and trusting and loving God and Jesus Christ was simple as well. In my youth, I thought that trying to be good equalled comfort and ease and acceptance. But as I grew, like all of us, I found that life was no longer easy- it was sometimes complicated and painful regardless of my efforts to follow the commandments of God. Life forced me to ask the questions, "Is it worth it? Is it worth avoiding things that seem to make others happy in order to be true to my faith? Is my religion worth it? Is it really true? Will it really make me happy?" I contemplated all I had been taught about religion and life in general a great deal. And then I prayed. I trusted God. I knew He would not point me in the wrong direction. As I did these things, I felt an assurance- strong but warm and loving all at once- that I was on the right path and that it was all worth it. I have felt this assurance many, many times in my life and can state with sincere conviction, that God is real and that Jesus is all that He declares Himself to be in the scriptures. They love me, I feel this acutely. The doctrine and scriptures taught in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are true, they are real. I am a Mormom not because of tradition or because it seems a nice way of life. I am a Mormon because I have been assured through prayer that my faith is true and oh, so very worth it!

How I live my faith

For me, living according to my faith means doing those things that help think and feel and act more like Jesus. So it is for all Christians who try to follow the example of Christ. And it all starts at home. I love my husband and children so very much and want them to have the best I can give them. I take time each day to study from the scriptures and to pray throughout the day. I find I need God's help to interact with my two young children and husband in a kind and nuturing manner and I ask Him for it daily. My husband and I pray with our children at the end of each day. We read from the scriptures together. It helps us all feel closer to each other and to God. Sunday is a special day for us. We take a break from work and managing household affairs to attend church and be with together as a family without the usual distractions of life. At church, I teach young children in our Sunday school children. This year, we are focusing our study on The New Testament. It's great experiencing the scriptures through the eyes of a child. Each month I visit with two of the women from my congregation. We discuss our families and work and the day to day challenges we face as we try to live a Christian life. This is an established program in our church aimed to care for those around us. It is one way I can show Christ that I am willing to "feed [His] sheep". I try to notice others in my neighborhood whether friend or stranger. I try to interact with them in a way that makes life a little easier for them. As a family, we visit a nursing home each month so that our children will learn at a young age to reach outside of their comfort zone to bring a little happiness to others. I live my faith without much fanfare or recognition, but it brings me and my family a great deal of peace and happiness.