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Hi I'm Julie

I'm an Australian now living in the USA. I'm a scientist with a PhD in Biochemistry. I love working in biotech. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I graduated high school in Australia, and then I immigrated to the USA to pursue my university education. After years of hard work and a lot of sleepless nights, I finally completed my education by receiving a PhD in biochemistry. I did a postdoctoral fellowship, and then ended up landing my dream job in the biotechnology industry where I manage a research program. Along the way I also met and married my husband. Having been a fiercely independent single woman I'm surprised daily at how much I love being married to such a wonderful and funny man. We love to travel, and we enjoy geocaching, which is really a way to get a tech head like me out in the wilderness to hike!

Why I am a Mormon

While I was raised a Mormon, neither of my parents were raised Mormon. In Australia, both of them independently were taught about Christ, The Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith by Elders and Sister missionaries. My Mum describes having "felt like she always knew it, even when she was hearing it for the first time." I believe that this is often how the Holy Spirit teaches us when we are learning one of God's truths. My parents converted to the church, and later met and were married. I am the youngest of their children, all raised Mormon. While I grew up Mormon, even "born and raised" Mormons have to figure out if they actually believe it all, particularly a person like me who has such a scientific mind! While I lived all the Mormon teachings, I didn't really gain my own belief independent of my parents' until my late teens/early 20s. That's when I really began thinking about God the Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I did this by studying the scriptures and digging for answers. Over a period of a few years I realized that I had gained a strong "testimony." Now that I live and view life with the understanding that our Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us individually, and that Christ made this plan possible, and that the Holy Ghost continually helps us learn more about this plan, it is like my life has gained a new dimension of joy and understanding. The difference is as stark as having viewed life previously like I used to view black and white television, to how we now view full colour high definition TV. Everything is clearer now, richer and deeper. Life just tastes better. It is also so wonderfully satisfying to be able to formulate deep questions about life, and then to search the scriptures and pray for answers, and then to either immediately or eventually get those prayers answered and a truth revealed. God hasn't let me down yet, and I've asked some perplexing questions of Him!

How I live my faith

Being a full time career woman now, I have to actively search for ways to live my faith in the little opportunities presented each day, as compared to when I was a full time missionary years ago! I start each day with a prayer, asking God to help me serve Him, and to bless my efforts even in my job as a scientist towards helping His children. I drive to work, listening to the scriptures on CD during my commute, rotating mostly between The Book of Mormon and The Holy Bible. This helps me start each day with a broader perspective. Since doing a good job for my employer is part of being an honest person, I make sure to give my employer 100%. I also do my best to be kind to coworkers, remembering that we are all brothers and sisters. When I realize I've been unkind, I try to apologize as quickly as I can! I also work to seek opportunities to help people help themselves by encouraging and helping to remove obstacles along people's education and career paths. I didn't get to where I am alone, so I try to reflect this same charity that I have received by now helping others. In our limited free time my husband and I make sure that we work on having a happy family. It's only the two of us right now in our family unit, so we make sure that we spend quality time together. We also make it a priority to spend regular quality time with family that lives close. We help them out when we can with chores and baby sitting. We weekly write to family that live afar as well. I am also grateful for "organized religion" since it helps my husband and I find opportunities to serve others we would not normally meet. We have just been blessed with an exciting service assignment from our Bishop to help organize a "Secret Santa" Christmas project. We hope to find families in the community, irregardless of their religious affiliation, to make sure that their basic needs are met and that they have a joyous Christmas. I couldn't ask for a more rewarding experience! I love church!