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Hi I'm Michael

I'm a sky-diving, bilingual underground hip hop artist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 23 years old, and I am ambitious. As hobbies, I love to play ultimate frisbee and make music. I play just enough guitar and piano to get by, and I love to explore the invisible yet potent things that make good music so compelling. I am constantly in awe of God's many creations and love to be outside. Partly through Boy Scouts in my teen years, I developed a deep wonder for the practicality and wisdom of nature. A good book of Emerson and an afternoon in the hammock is the perfect situation for me. I enjoy reading and even writing on occasion, and I combined my love for music and words one summer by becoming a rapper. I love the irony there. But my younger brother Joseph is a DJ and was creating captivating techno songs on his computer, and one day I began to write lyrics. We made our own mixtape of wholesome, fun songs and have even put on a few local performances. I was born and raised in Georgia, I love the magnolias and pinestraw of the Deep South. I have always been glad to live in the Bible Belt and to have many Christian friends with similar beliefs. My friends have become more like family over the years. I intend to pursue a degree in human resources at Brigham Young University. I want to earn a solid education so that I may be confident in providing for a family and so I can be in a position to lift others. I love helping other people and I chose a career that will allow me to be a people-builder.

Why I am a Mormon

Primarily because my faith gives me purpose. My home has always been a place where family bonds are strong, and my parents have set a great example over the years of warm smiles, helping others, and respect for the Lord. I have eventually grown to know that my Father in Heaven loves me, and that He never gives up on me. His Word gives me instruction and inspiration, showing me how limitless my life can be through Him. I have been in both glorious fortune and ashamed self-loathing, and the Lord is always there with me. I know that He has big plans for me, and wants to teach me and help me grow into my potential. I find great confidence in the fact that one such as He loves me enough to even pay attention to me, tiny and insignificant as I am. But He loves me so much that He and His Son made a way for me to be cleansed and forgiven so that I can live forever with Him in pure joy.

How I live my faith

I try to make my life a living proof of my beliefs. However, I am not perfect and consistently find new ways to make errors. But I know that happiness lies in serving others, loving God and my neighbors, and making decisions based on the teachings from the Book of Mormon and the Bible alike. I hope to learn to be sincere in all my thoughts and deeds, and to truly follow the Lord's will and not my own. I am currently serving as a Spanish-speaking missionary in southern Louisiana, testifying to the people here that God loves them and that the heavens are open. The values that are taught in the scriptures include love, humility, virtue, loyalty, diligence, kindness, courage, and reverence. These and other values have gotten me to where I am today, through parents, friends and fellow church members who help me learn the kind of values that help me avoid the despair that runs so rampant in today's world (like broken homes, heartache, violence and even prison). I am truly thankful for the effect that the gospel has had on my life.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

The day I began to understand grace changed my entire life. I was addicted to some very unhealthy behaviors that threatened to suffocate my future, and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't change. I was advised by a wise mentor to "draw a line in the sand" and declare to myself that I would never cross it. I wanted to follow that counsel, but I knew I would be too weak to uphold that decision. So I went into the woods by myself one night and prayed. Since I was alone, I could be free with my feelings and prayers. I told God that all I wanted was to give up my addictions but I felt trapped. I cried so hard. I felt entirely useless. In fact, I realized that if I were to die right then, I would have earned my own destruction by sinning for so long. My heart and mind were filled with blackness, or what Alma in the Book of Mormon called "the gall of bitterness". I felt that my life might as well be over, for I had failed. The end. Then, somehow, it was as though in all this darkness there was a faint glimmer. As though I were a lost scuba diver in the blackness of the Marianas Trench who suddenly saw a tiny glow. I suddenly remembered that there was one thing that might save me from this paralysis - Jesus Christ. I used everything within me to ask Him to have pity on me and rescue me because I had nothing left. Instantly I was filled with hope and confidence! All feelings of despair vanished. When you hit rock bottom, you learn that Christ is the Rock at the bottom. Show more Show less