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Hi I'm Kyle Bradarich

I'm from Orange County. When I was 19 I served a full time two-year mission for my church in Sao Paulo Brazil. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Kyle. I'm 23. I've been an Orange, County, California resident and have enjoyed sunshiny weather my entire life; until I moved out to college. Haha. Now I'm a full time student living where it's cold and snows a lot. I'm an international relations major and love learning about other cultures and peoples. I think it would be really fun to have a job in economic development where I could use my skills to help others. I'm really close to my mom, my dad, and my brothers. And I really enjoy hanging out with my brothers' families with their six kids (in total). My nieces and nephews are way cute! Over the years I've really enjoyed my time spent playing for my high school wrestling team, surfing at beaches along the California seashore including San Onoffre and Tressles, and just doing fun things with my buddies, especially my church friends. And I love how during the holidays seasons I get to see all of my old church buddies again because back home all us younger folk attend the same congregation on Sundays. And then there's always church activities to go to and yada-yada. I'm pretty much like most any other young single adult: I want to have my own family; I want to excell in my studies and career; and I want to have fun doing these things. However, I think what defines me is my relationship with and my committment to God. And I like to think of Him as my loving Heavenly Father; because He is.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon not only because the 'Mormon' lifestyle has so far brought me the most joy in my life, but because I have a strong and burning testimony that Jesus Christ is my Savior, that he knows me and suffered for my sins personally, and that he has restored his one and only true church to the earth in these last days through a prophet of God. This is something that I have asked God in prayer about to know if it is true for myself. Through prayer and reading the Book of Mormon, I have received a very real affirmative answer through the power of the Holy Ghost (also known as the Holy Spirit) which has filled me with God's love and assurance that this really is His Church. Furthermore, I, like many, have struggled with some very personal things in my life that, had it not been for the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I would have surely been leading a miserable lifestyle until now. For example, people think it's fun to drink; however, how fun is it really for the alcoholic who loses his job, his marriage, his life, for a substance that enslaves him to its temporary reprieve from reality. The same can be said for other addictions including gambling, pornography, co-dependency, etc. The teachings of the church protect me against such enslavement and misery, and because I'm not perfect, God gave His Son Jesus Christ to atone (pay the price) for my sins when I do screw up. The teachings of the Church (Christ's gospel), along with God's authority, were restored to the earth beginning in 1980 when God called a boy, Joseph Smith, to be His prophet through whom He would restore the same Church that Christ established before it had been rejected by men and was taken from off the earth with the death of the Apostles. Today there are living prophets and apostles who guide this Church. I am so grateful for the peace I feel from knowing who I am in this world, a child of God, and where my family and I are going after this life. To me, knowing this is worth every effort.

How I live my faith

I really enjoy the opportunities for service that my church has given me; not only within my church but also within my community. In the LDS Church every member is given a 'calling'. This translates to being some kind of opportunity to serve others in the church and sometimes in the community as well. Right now, I help organize a weekly activity called 'family home evening' for a group of young single adults (like myself) that attend the same ward (congregation) as I do. Usually, these activities happen every Monday at around 7:30 p.m. During this time we all get together kind of as a family, and we have a spiritual message and play games. I love my current calling; however, I must say that my favorite 'calling' so far has been my service as a full-time missionary for my church when I lived in Brazil in the Sao Paulo area for two years sharing my faith with others. I served my mission from July 2009 to July 2011, and I did it because I've always wanted to serve a mission since I was a little kid. I feel like it was the best way to show my love and gratitude for God and for his children, and that it's the least I can do to repay Him for just all the many blessings He's given me in my life (ie. my life, His Son Jesus Christ, my family, my education, my friends...etc.). Also, I've worked under the calling of temple and family history cordinator, where for about a year I was helping both members of my church and nonmembers work on their family pedigree charts. During this time I was also able to help members of my church become more active in their temple service. Temples for Mormons are very sacred places where we perform sacred ordinances and also make holy covenants with God. Also, I have served and continue to serve as a home teacher, where I help tend to the spiritual needs and sometimes even the material needs of other church members. Furthermore, through my church I've been able to service others in the community through many various service projects.