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Hi I'm Joe

I was born in Utah I am a retired Labor Union leader and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a father of four and grandfather to eleven, my wife and I have been married for over forty years and met when we were in high school. I retired recently from the telecommunications industry where I worked for "Bell System" companies and in the Labor Union representing employees. I now enjoy being involved in church and community activities. My wife and I now spend time traveling to various places especially to visit family members who live out of state. I love cars, old and new and enjoy associating with others who have the same "affliction." Mustangs and Model "A" cars are my favorite. Happiness is a warm summer day driving with the top down in the mountains of Colorado.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a LDS family who's history goes back the the beginnings for the Church in New York. My parents taught me the values and principals of our religion but, I had to know for myself that what they believed and taught were correct for myself. Over time I gained my own testimony of the truth of the gospel and am firm in my beliefs. The values and teachings have been a wonderful asset in my life. I have been blessed an every way and the love for my Savior, Jesus Christ, gives me peace of mind and a firm guide for my life. The standards of the Church have defined who I am and how I conduct myself. I know that our Father in Heaven loves me and He has given me a wonderful blessing as a member of His Church.

How I live my faith

My retirement allows me to have "extra time" to serve others. I serve in our neighborhood as the President of the Home Owners Association. We find ways to help neighbors with their problems and upkeep without a heavy hand. I also am active in local politics when issues arise that need to be addressed. In the Church I serve in the Denver Temple two days a week assisting with sacred ordinances performed for the living and the dead. This is a blessing in my life and I love the association of working with others who give of their time. I have taught members and others how to do family research in genealogy finding their ancestors. Writing my life history is also a hobby and I enjoy reading written histories of my ancestors that go back several generations. I find great satisfaction in serving others when I go to the Church cannery in Aurora, Colorado to put up food for those who need it because they are out of work or having difficulties. We once took a load of food to a family in need. As we put the cans and bags of food onto the shelves in the pantry one of the young boys got a chair and sat looking at the food for a long time. He said that he did not know that there was that much food in one place except for the grocery store! Another time I organized a service project to paint the outside of a widows home. Members of the Church arrived in the morning and applied the paint she provided for the project. By afternoon the job was done and I do not have the words to describe how wonderful we felt. Of course she thanked us but her smiling face and the tears in her eyes expressed the joy she felt knowing that others cared for her and her young family. Service to others and families working together give me strength, happiness and testimony that define why I am a Christian and member of this Church.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

People by nature a selfish for the most part. Tithing allows me to give back some of what I have been blessed with. Everything I have is the Lords and he allows me to have the talents and ability to work and earn temporal monies. When I return my tenth to Him for the needs of the Church, to build up the kingdom, I never miss the monies donated. I fact, I receive many more blessings in return and then tithe again. The commandment is clear and as written in Malachi the windows of Heaven will open and we do not have room to receive them. When I was a child I got a job mowing the neighbors lawn earning a dollar. I wanted to buy a model car that cost one dollar. My mother reminded me that I needed to pay my tithing, which I did. Later when I went to the store the car was on sale and I bought it with change left over. This simple testimony of obedience has been a blessing in my life. Show more Show less