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Hi I'm Josh

I'm finishing my last year of law school while looking forward to having three baby girls under the age of two! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Among the many roles I fill, I am also a husband and father. I have been married since 2010 and I feel so grateful for our little family, which, as I write this, is about to grow from three to five! We currently have one daughter and two twin girls on the way! I am fairly busy finishing up my last year of law school, but enjoy spending pretty well any free time I have with my family. We enjoy hiking in the nearby mountains, attending local concerts, watching movies, going for walks around the block, and trying to catch any funny moments of our daughter on film. I won't pretend that there haven't been struggles and new difficulties in marriage, but I find that as we pull together, swallow our pride, and lift each other in those times, we become closer as a couple and our sorrow is turned into joy.

Why I am a Mormon

Being a Mormon means everything to me. As I mentioned earlier, I am a husband and father, but I am also a son. My spirit was born of my Father and Mother in Heaven. Just like any good father, my Father loves me dearly and wants to help me in any way He can. He knows that I am just a child and will make mistakes along the way, but has created a perfect plan for me so I can return to live forever with Him and those I love. There are thousands of churches on earth; so why and how did I settle so firmly on this church? Quite simply, I asked God and He answered. Simple as that explanation is, though, the answer was not so simple or quick in coming to me. It was not until I neared the age that most young men serve a mission that I realized I wanted to know for myself whether this was God's true church. Thus, I dove into the scriptures and began pouring my heart out to God for Him to answer my prayer. I felt the Holy Ghost filling me as I did so, so I knew I was on the right path. Eventually, Heavenly Father answered me so clearly that I could not misunderstand or forget. After a long time of studying His Word, praying faithfully, repenting and living more righteously by serving others more, He gave me my strong witnesses. I did not hear any audible sound, or see Him or angels, but I know that my testimony is sure, perhaps more surely than if I had seen or heard. One night I was praying about whether Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet who had restored Christ's original church and authority to the earth. Mormonism rests on this. Though I can't describe it adequately in words, the Holy Ghost filled my soul with so much light, joy, and truth that I KNEW that God had called Joseph Smith as His prophet. I knew that this is the church that Christ himself is currently leading. I also came to know that the Book of Mormon is God's word (alongside the Bible), translated by Joseph Smith, that Jesus is my Savior and that there is a living prophet today on earth, Thomas S. Monson.

How I live my faith

I strongly believe that living my faith should not only happen on Sundays. To me, living my faith means that I am constantly trying to strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and to become more like them. In order to do this, I try to study their Word every day in the Bible and Book of Mormon, or from the words of modern prophets. As I prayerfully do so, the Holy Ghost helps me become one with them and teaches me what they would want me to do that day and week. Doing so helps me distinguish where I have sinned and need to repent, and where I am doing well. Then, I try to put what I've learned into action by going about my day trying to act as Christ would if He were here. I keep my eyes open for people especially in need of my help and encouragement. When faced with temptation or trials, I strive to choose what He wants rather than what I think I want. I also live my faith in a more organized way at church and in my community. Since 2011 I have served as an adviser to the youth in our ward (congregation). I teach them about twice a month on Sundays about the Aaronic Priesthood authority they bear--the same Priesthood that John the Baptist bore in baptizing Christ. I teach them how to fulfill their sacred duties under this authority, in serving others as Christ would (e.g., they prepare, bless, and pass the sacrament to members of our ward). We also have activities during an evening of every weekday, whether it be raking an elderly person's leaves, learning about interesting occupations, playing a game of basketball, or almost any other wholesome activity. Occasionally we also take camping trips; mostly one-nighters, but sometimes lasting five days. I think I grew to know and bond with these youth the most during those camping trips. I'm definitely not perfect at doing all that I've described, but I find great joy and satisfaction as I honestly strive to become what my Heavenly Father sees in me.