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Hi I'm Lydia

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in a Mormon family in SLC, UT. I was a single mom for many years and was successful because of the gospel.

About Me

Hi! I'm not very good about sharing stuff about myself. It's easier for me to talk about and learn about others but I want to share my life with you so that you can know how the gospel may be able to help you in your life. I grew up in a Mormon family but made choices different than my parents for many years. As a result I found myself pregnant and married at the age of 16 and soon after suffered from a hard divorce that left me a single mom at the age of 17. I had some good years and some bad years after that but found myself as I learned how to be a good mom to my son. It was just the two of us for many years. I worked really hard to support us, sometimes working two jobs, and many times wondering if I was doing it right or going to fail altogether. I tried different things but ended up working as a Nail Professional in the beauty industry since it game me the ability to be in charge of my own schedule and therefore a more available mom. My son and I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, swimming, and many more things. My son struggled with ADHD and so we spent some hard years working through schooling. The year that he graduated was a celebration and shortly after that we added a member to our family when I re-married. It has been a blessing to both of us to have his strength in our lives. My son is now serving a mission for the LDS Church and is grateful to share the gospel with others since we feel it is what helped us to find happiness and peace.

Why I am a Mormon

Being raised in the gospel you might assume that it was a part of my life naturally but it took me a lot of years of learning the hard way to let go of things that I thought would make my life easier but ended up making my life full of chaos and heartbreak. As a young child I loved church and my friends there and wanted to stand up for and represent Jesus Christ in a good way by doing good things and staying away from the things I was taught were bad for me. But like many teenagers I became kind of rebellious as I tried to figure out my own feelings and I put aside the things I had been taught growing up. I guess I still had a testimony, I just got kind of selfish and wanted to "have fun" and do different things. I didn't think I was hurting anybody and didn't believe I was hurting myself either. I started dating young and consequently got pregnant and then married. After divorcing I still didn't know that I needed the Lord in my life and kept making decisions that made me sad. I didn't do a lot of drinking or drugging. Mostly I just didn't want to go to church. I also chose some bad relationships and made choices to be sexually involved outside of marriage. This never ended well. It's weird how the world continues to try and distance itself from the reality that this is a sacred act and comes complete with emotions and feelings that if outside of marriage are really hurtful. After lots of low self esteem and hard prideful years I finally decided to turn back to the Lord because I really needed to find some peace in my life and I had this little tiny hope that I could feel better and have better things. I worked with my bishop and my family helped me by being patient and loving and not judging me as I started to put my life back together. I am a really a Mormon now and that is because I was able to know the miracle of really being healed by the Savior. I didn't know if I would ever be able to feel happy again but He healed my heart. And that is a miracle!

How I live my faith

In the last year living in a ward in Boise I've had lots of opportunities to serve my community and to grow as an individual because of the church. Just after we moved here I got to be a visiting teacher and was asked to visit women living in our ward area to get to know them, be their friend, and in turn to look out for them while sharing my time and love with them. I visited with 4 women of very different circumstances. Because of this relationship when 2 of these women experienced difficult things in their lives I was aware of their struggles and could help them so they weren't alone. Being a sister in the LDS church means that you are never alone in your joys or your sorrows and hard times. Recently I was asked to be in a leadership position working with the women in my ward. I am responsible to watch over them and help them as they work hard to be good wives, mom's, daughters, sister's, and friends. As women in our ward visit families as visiting teachers they let us know if there is anybody who is needing help and we work hard to make certain nobody is forgotten. We provide activities and classes to help the women in our ward learn new things, grow spiritually, grow closer together, and to individually be nurtured. We oversee teachers in our ward who offer insightful lessons each Sunday. I am learning lessons of leadership & teamwork, and my capacity for love and understanding is being increased daily as I try to be a good sister.