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Hi I'm Brad

I grew up in Arizona, I am an MBA grad from MSU, I work for Intel, I am a father of 4 children and a hubsand, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

First and foremost I am hubsand and father. I learned quickly as a young married man that the quickest and easiest route to find happiness and joy in life is to have a family and posterity. There is nothing in my life that brings a smile to my face more easily than to see my children grow, learn, and acknowledge me as their father. I am also a competitor. Almost everything in my life is driven around competition. I play basketball in the middle of the day, outside, in Arizona, three days a week. I have never been able to run, bike, or swim with any consistency because I get bored and I focus too much on the pain of the acitivity but if you will role a ball in front of me and give me a competition, I will go until I collapse. I work as a commodity manager for the largest microchip manufacturer (I am not sure I should use their name so I will let you guess who they are). My education in Supply Chain Management (undergrad from BYU and MBA from Michigan State University) and occupation revolves around making things more efficent. How can you get more done in less time? How can you collaborate in order to reduce waste? I'm huge proponent of the reality that we do not play in a zero sum game, that is to say, there is not a finite pie of wealth or opportunity. So if you have more, I do not beleive I now have less potential to have more because you have taken a larger portion of the pie. Rather I believe that through communication and innovation we can grow the pie!

Why I am a Mormon

I was first a mormon because I was born to wonderful mormon parents. They raised me in the church and I was taught from my youth the doctrines and principles of the LDS church. They provided a wonderful home where I was safe, fed, and genereally very happy. They never provided reason for my to doubt their beliefs. I was also born with an obedient spirit, which is to say that I am not prone to disobey in order to learn or test my boundaries. Believing is just a part of my DNA. This foundation safely guided me to full time service on a mission for the mormon church in Southern Spain. I was 19 and headed to a country I had never before seen and I realized it was time to believe and stand on my own. I recevied a very important challenge in the first week of my mission that changed my life. I was happy to be there and I wanted to serve but I missed my family and girlfriend (now my wife) badly. I went to my branch president and he gave me very important advice. He explained to me that my heart was finite and that I only had so much capacity. To this point in my life I had filled it with mostly good things but now many of those things were no longer available to me, at least for the next 2 years of full time service. The lack of these things in my life is what was causing the ache in my heart. He challenged me to fill that vacancy with a greater love of the savior and testimony of his life and mission. I took that challenge and I continue to take that challenge. Now 10 years after my mission, I still ask myself, what am I filling this finite heart with? Inevitably I see that I can voluntaitliy remove good things to make room for better things and I grow happier and happier because of it. I have gained a personal knowledge of the validity of Joseph Smith as the prophet of this dispensation, subsequently I know the that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, and most improtantly I know that Jesus Christ my Savior and Redeemer.

How I live my faith

My belief in Christ is the very foundation of my life. Each decision I make whether at work, play, or home is affected by what I believe. As a commodity manager for a very large coporation I can think about a handful of decisions in the last few months that were effected by what I believe. While traveling in Asia with several of my coworkers, there was opportunity for all of the team to go after hours to some "adult entertainment". With the pressure from my coworkers, the pressure from my supplier, and the tempations of the natural man, I can honestly say that I had zero hesitation to turn down the invitiation on the spot and ask for a ride home. This is not the first time I have been put in this spot and each time I wonder how can anyone live without the foundation of the gospel? The fidelity that my wife and I share with each other is based off of what we were taught as children and adults in the church and that same fidelity makes our marriage rich with trust and love. While attending MSU from my MBA, I was asked by the local congragation to teach an early morning seminary class each week day to the LDS youth from the local high schools. With the demands of my graduate degree, my fulltime job search, and my family I took on this daily teaching role because I knew that the opportunity to teach these young people was more important than many of the other things that were occupying my time. My classmates would ask me often how I managed to graduate as one of the top 5-10 students in my class while also managing this teaching role, a wife, and three small children? The answer is simple, God blessed me with the knowledge and organization I required to do what he called me to do. It is the same response I give to those that ask how I handle paying tithing to the church (10% of my income)? I tell them that God has proven to me time and time again that he can make 90% of my income go futher then I can make 100% go. Christ truly is the sure foundation.