Hazel: Mormon.

Hi I'm Hazel

About Me

I joined the church in 1976, at 21yrs when my life took a" turn for worse",I was invited to church whilst nursing, had good friends whom I respected who were so kind and loving.I served a mission at 28yrs and felt that I needed to show the Lord I could share the gospel,I in phsychiatric nursing for 10yrs,also worked mostly male prisons where I served for 15.1/2 yrs as an officer,being selected for 1st Inaugural "Tall Poppies"women who "stand out " in the work force, besides retail management in stores and currently in grocery distribution of 10yrs. I went to Te Awamutu College and studied at Massey Palmerston-extra-murally did not want to finish school. I am interested in meditation, herbal remedys,people, talking,finding a better way to earn.My husband works in Power generation in Karratha WA.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew being taught by teachers that we came from "apes", but I knew that was untrue. I have no doubt that I was selected by Heavenly Father to share His gospel.I am acommitted to Jesus Christ and always seeing what help I can be to others.I joined the church because I felt I had no religion, so still young I was followed by my dad who was catholic at 86yrs,mum was 60 methodist,a short while after they both passed away only 9 days apart.I have enjoyed my life as a member missionary and know this is my calling to bring others to Christ.I love to talk about the gospel, sing and be creative and innovative,and share with others who may want to know more or want help.

Personal Stories

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

I am able ask for companionship daily in prayer and know how important it is to follow its promptings.It has helped me recall scriptures, when speaking with other people who want to know.I rely on the direction it gives me,sometimes I do things and its not often for me but for others and I ask"who is this for Lord"? then the person's name will come as clear as if spoken,makes me feel good when I know I am following His direction and then I will get another prompting.AsI live worthily to have the guidance daily and cannot be denied.The Holy Ghost is a member of the God head and it is an extreme priviledge keeps me humble and grateful to be a member of this gospel.

How I live my faith

I pray daily, read the scriptures serve the women,arrange scheduled programs through a manual that is provided in every country in the same language.I have ben a ttending church since 1976, served a mission in NZ Welling & Christchurch Missions,I love to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and help others come to its knowledge.I am 1st generation member with my parents joining after me at 86 and 60 and passing away the same year.I could never be without the gospel it is like "gold" to me and I continue to work at bettering my self daily.I am proud and humbled to be a Mormon.