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Hi I'm Ashley

I am the youngest and only girl of six children. I've lived and visited all across the USA. I am a writer. And I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am attending college and fast realizing and choosing what my beliefs are and what I can do to progress in them. I am a proud citizen of various "Geekdoms"; from anime/manga, sci-fi (Live long and prosper), to Hobbits and Harry Potter and gamers ("Hey! Look there!"). Its that technique and creativity that I value as I utilize the talents Heavenly Father granted me as I write and depict my own stories. Being the youngest and the only girl of the family, and as I live on my own, I have learned that: parents are usually right when they patiently and lovingly say, "you'll thank me someday for (blank)". And that family craziness is hectic in your younger years, but dearly missed as you grow up and apart, and that you DO miss your siblings after time spent away. I have learned that its best to always exercise mentally and physically. Gaining knowledge and seeking after truth brings you closer to Jesus Christ as you are grateful to be able to participate in this mortal experience. Being a runner, basketball player, and newbie Pilates participant - I believe its important to keep your body healthy just as you would keep your Spirit healthy by praying and scripture study.

Why I am a Mormon

Its hard to be in college that stresses being able to distinguish true knowledge with just your mortal senses. Its sometimes hard to remember to view life in an eternal perspective. But I enjoy the challenge of remembering what I stand for and how that shapes who I am. I was born in the LDS faith; I rode on the coattails of my family until I was in my teen years and started paying more attention to what I actually believed in. I remember asking in faith to learn for myself that the Book of Mormon was true, and I did find out. It was not a "Bam!" all at once conversion; it was little by little as I studied the scriptures, prayed diligently for understanding and had an open heart and mind. Its important to listen for the Holy Spirit, and realize that He will teach you by ways that you will understand individually. It could be small and simple means that you realize the truth for yourself, and they shouldn't be discounted because they were not given along with a burning bush. My conversion, and yes my conversion - we each have a moment in our lives, investigators and members, where we each seek to find the truth for ourselves and gain our own experience of the truthfulness of Christ's gospel - is an ongoing process. I put it that way because faith is not something that stays with a person when its not given nourishment. We gain our testimony, but our study and pray doesn't end there. We deepen our testimony of the different facets of the gospel as we study and pray for understanding. We deepen our faith as we are obedient to Heavenly Father's Will and Christ's Atonement. Trials and tribulations don't magically stop when we realize the truth of the gospel (although sometimes we wishes they did), but through our hard times is when we rely on Christ. We realize that He suffered EVERYTHING that we're going through. All the emotion, all the pain - He did it for us. That Divine Love and the knowledge of why He did it and what it all comes down to, is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

How I best live my faith of Jesus Christ is to try and truly act like Him. I try to love the people around me, and serve others and to learn more about my Savior. I am not perfect at it, and I make mistakes. But I know I can lean on Christ for guidance and I can sincerely repent, and know that I can try again tomorrow. I visit teach the Sisters I am assigned to in my ward. Sometimes I fumble through the lesson because I am nervous and then I start stuttering over the words. But I always know we have the Holy Ghost with us because we are trying to do the right thing and to boost each other up and to be genuinely there for each other. Living my faith is also studying it and steadfastly enduring the problems that occur in my life from accidents, mistakes or someone's misuse of their own agency. Living the faith through the good times and the bad times is paramount in my life. I live my faith by trying to be an example in word, action, and deed. I hope that through me trying to be faithful, people will see and wonder what's so different about my attitude and ask questions. I want to show the gospel of Jesus Christ in action, not just in theory. And if some have no interest then that's fine; it won't stop me from being someone's friend or loving them. Which, honestly, this world really needs. :)