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Hi I'm Justin

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a motivator, an educator, a performer, and a Mormon. I have always enjoyed connecting with people. Two ways I've done that are through public speaking and singing, currently I get paid to do both and I love it! In my daily life I connect with people at all levels by sharing relevant information on employment related topics such as resume writing and interview techniques. I particularly enjoy hearing about my clients success in finding employment in this competitive job market. I also work during the Christmas season singing professionally in an cappella quartet performing traditional carols and some not so traditional pieces. It is rewarding to combine my passion for music with my passion for the Savior and share them both with the world. At home, I am a caring father and husband who strives daily to perform the role of the leading man, the knight in shining armor, the handyman, the magician, and the hero. Thank goodness for a forgiving audience because it seems that there is a constant barrage of unexpected adventures that generally end up causing drama and comedy. In the many roles that I play, my goal is to create as many happy endings as possible. Learning to seek out the comedy during the drama has helped me to focus on the positive, always striving to leave my family smiling.

Why I am a Mormon

The gospel of Jesus Christ helps me to remain positive because I have been taught and have come know that I am a literal child of God. Our Father in heaven has a plan of happiness for me and for each of us. Living the gospel keeps me grounded in an otherwise tumultuous world. When I am seeking for real answers among all the rhetoric, I find the truth again and again in the teachings of both ancient and modern prophets who have been called of God from the beginning. I am so grateful to know that my loving Father in Heaven has not left me alone in this world and that my brother, Jesus Christ has provided the way for me to return to live with Him and my family after this life.

How I live my faith

I turn to the scriptures each morning to prepare my heart and mind for the days activities, and to help me ward off the negative influence of Satan. I seek out music that lifts my spirit. I pray each day to be a positive influence in the lives of others and to be able to speak the words that our Father in Heaven would have them hear so they will feel comfort and hope in their lives. I act on spiritual promptings that I receive throughout the day.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

As I go through this life, I find that I am consistently faced with choices. My goal is to make positive choices, but with so many decisions to be made, I don't always choose wisely. I need a Savior because I make mistakes. Without a Savior to provide a way to atone for my mistakes, I would be stuck and have no hope of progression. Our Heavenly Father's Plan is one of eternal progression which means constant growth and learning. I know that some of the most valuable lessons I have learned are a direct result of the choices I have made, wise and unwise. I am grateful for a loving Father and Savoir who are there to help me through both. The process of repentance is a way for me to draw closer to my Father and to my Savoir when I have chosen unwisely. I can confess the mistake to both God and to the offended party or individuals, ask for forgiveness, seek to fix the mistake as best possible (asking the Savoir to cover the damage I cannot repair) and then leave the mistake behind and make a more positive choice to follow the commandments in the future. Using this process is humbling, but brings peace and a release from negative thought pattens. I have come to know that when I repent willingly and often, my life is more peaceful and pleasant even amidst the turmoil. Show more Show less