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Hi I'm Janelle

I'm an artist. I love music. I'm a kiwi, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a single adult in my final year at Massey University studying a Bachelor of Maori Visual Arts. Visual arts have always been a passion of mine and i have finally come to the conclusion that i am a painter! I have plans to become a primary teacher. I love to do family history and am blessed to have this in common with my mum. I am a sixth generation New Zealander, with Scottish, English, Irish, French and Maori ancestry. I never grew up knowing my Maori heritage, so I have sought to learn about the culture and language. I am a convert and the only church member in my family to date. I love music and dancing and can spin with fire poi! I am also teaching myself to play the guitar. I used to have dreadlocks, which my Grandmother cut off for me when i was baptised. I was making a fresh start! I was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder about nine years ago, after a major depressive episode, which I now manage well with medication and a well rounded life. I love the outdoors and nature and love to go for a swim in the sea or walk through the forest. At heart I am a tree-hugging hippie!

Why I am a Mormon

My conversion was a journey that began in my teens. I always believed in a creator God, but had only a vague understanding of Him and my Saviour from what learnt at school from my religious eduaction. In my early twenties I turned my back on Christianity and sought truth in a number of different non-christian religions. But I eventually found myself in a dark place with seamingly no-where to go. I began to call out to God (though I didnt realise I was actually praying!) Not long after, I met some missionaries and was lead to a number of church members through mutual friends. After a month in a psychiatric ward, the missionaries began to teach me about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. When they taught me the disscussion on the First Vision, it struck a chord deep inside me and I burst into tears. I knew it was true!! That was the beginning of a firm testimony of Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. It hasnt been an easy path to trod, being the only member of my family in this faith, but I have been blessed beyond measure and the Lord is constantly strengthening me and healing me with His patience, hope and endless and all encompassing love! I have had endless prayers answered and addictions overcome, many precious spiritual experiences and know that I am in the right place trying to do the right thing. Through my trials he has given me opportunities to grow and develop and has carried me when I dint think i could go on! He has even helped me by putting positive thoughts into my head when i have felt depressed and paranoid! I know from the fruits of this Church that it is true. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I do my best to live the gospel each and every day. I do this by striving to study the scriptures everyday and talk to my Heavenly Father in prayer. I have many faults, which i am working on with the help of my Saviour through the process of repentance. I try to treat others with the same dignity and respect that I would like shown to me, regardless of gender, age, status, nationality or creed. I attend church each week, and am currently teaching a class of children aged 6-7. I also visit with sisters once a month to see how the are, if they need anything and share a gospel message. I am also engaged in family history and temple work, which I find addictive!! I treat my body as a temple and do not drink, smoke or take drugs, and try to live a healthy, well balanced lifestyle. I also am a full tithe payer, which means I happily pay 10% of my income every week to the church and monthly offerings which are distributed to those in need and used for the management of the church.