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Hi I'm Devin

I'm am a Father, a Husband, an International Businessman and... I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a father of three. I spend my days speaking with clients I'm fortunate to serve all over the world (140+ countries). I have a wonderful wife who is the light of our home, and an example to my children of love and charity. I love the outdoors. I became an Eagle Scout at 13yrs old. This along with other life lessons taught both in the church and in my home have lead me to become a successful father, husband, businessman and member of my community. I love cars. I love tractors or anything with an engine. I was all but killed 45 days after my bride and I were married, when a ignorant motorist hit me on my motorcycle. With all the necessary riding gear, severe injuries were still sustained. Three surgeries, 280+ stitches, 4 skull fractures and many other broken bones requiring screws etc. were just the beginning of that trial. I'm grateful for having had it! Yes, grateful. I've always had a testimony of the Power of the Priesthood, (the power act in the name of God); though I had yet to see it pronounced so powerfully on me. It was that day, in the ICU while the OR was being prepared for my brain surgery that my worthy father and brother pronounced a blessing upon me by the power of the Melchizedek Priesthood and commanded my internal injuries subside and become whole. Internal bleeding almost immediately stopped and with 4 surgeons later in amazement, surgery was not needed. The Priesthood is Real!

Why I am a Mormon

I'll speak both to why I'm and Mormon, better yet why I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; as this is the correct title for the church I belong to. Before I do this, please realize that in order to become converted it is up to you to get on your knees and ask. As you read in James, 1:5 it is up to us to come to the realization for ourselves. I would humbly also add, read the Book of Mormon. The assurance you'll receive will be so undeniable that you will know with assuredness that this is another testament of Jesus Christ, given by his prophets in the Americas. In doing this remember, you cannot communicate with God unless you have first sacrificed your self-oriented natural man. For it is through meekness you will find your answer. My answer has come after years of searching. Far too often, members who've grown up in the church ride their testimonies of the gospel on the heels of their parents or persons whom raised them in their beliefs. This is common in other denominations, but I would venture to say is more difficult to sustain when being part of the only true church on the earth today. Ask yourself a question. If Satan is the father of lies and contentions, then why not have members of the adversaries team fighting against other religions. I seldon (never) see anti baptist ads, or people standing screaming at the Vatican that their beliefs are skewed and that they are dammed. For it is not Satan's plan to deceive those whom are already without current revelation on how to best overcome his grasp. It is through living oracles (Prophets & Apostles) that we receive this continued guidance; allowing us to continue the course corrections needed in these days to rise above the world. I know this church is true. I'm a Mormon because I know the Book of Mormon is true; read it... When you do, you'll share in this testimony and will be grateful for the sacrifices of so many of our saints who would not reject God to serve man.

How I live my faith

Are you a parent? Are you a Father or Mother? Let me ask a pointed question to whomever is reading this. Do you deserve that title? Let me expound on this question, as it's the root of my continued motivation for 'Living My Faith'. How many of you parents look into your children's eye and for a second see something you can't explain. Something angelic. I do, daily infact with each of my children. I don't need to explain the reasoning for this. Children are angelic. The veil placed before them is so thin as to be clear; until we parents introduce worldly music or imagery making it more and more cloudy over time. Walk a child by a picture of Christ and watch their heads turn. For those who've tried this without success, let me clarify this more. Walk them by a picture of the living Christ - smiling as they would have known him as opposed to the crucified horrific imagery that would not have been the Christ they (we) would have known as our elder brother. For me the purpose of life is the live the covenants we make and to return to our Father in Heaven to become as he is. In this life, we are given tests and responsibilities which qualify us for this exaltation. Child rearing is one of these responsibilities and is the primary reasons I get up each morning and live my faith. I do not care what the world thinks of me. I care that my children have the Priesthood in their home. That when the time comes (and it does come) when it's needed, the Lord has not withdrawn his power from me. I live my faith because the world needs more people who do. More people who after Sunday (or Saturday for some) is over they don't go back to their week day self. Children need parents and more importantly Fathers and Mothers who understand charity and love, as opposed to the mean words/actions imposed so often today as Satan plagues the earth. I live my faith because I covenanted to do so. I promised my savior that though I can never repay him, I CAN do my best.