What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Owen

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in Arizona, My dad is from Mexico my Mom is from El Paso, TX. and I speak Vietnamese.

About Me

I'm a husband, dad of three young kids and grateful for where I live and all the love and support I receive from my family & friends. Before kids I had a really active bio. Now, I do nothing but try and earn a living and run after kids. You see, all three of my kids are under the age of 5. I hold two bachelor degrees but with the current economy I cant find work. This period of my life I call "Figuring it Out" or "Riding it Out" either one works. I am glad I have my wife and family and friends.

Why I am a Mormon

Years ago, I learned who I was before I came to this earth, why I'm here, and what is in store for me in the life to come. At times when my life has gotten hard I've tried to forget what I learned however, Each time I try and deny what I know to be true, my core tells me otherwise. I guess you could say I'm a Mormon because I choose to believe that God is my father, he loves me and sent me to earth to gain a physical body, be tried and tested so I can grow to be the best me I can. If I bear my challenges well I will live with my family and continue the journey in the next life. Simple, works for me.

How I live my faith

I like the service aspect of being LDS. Nobody gets paid in our church so the work is distributed to the members. I stay active in my role as a member and keep forefront in my mind each week that I get an opportunity to serve. I might be scouting with young men or teaching a lesson to people about a subject I know little about. Whatever it is There are 200 other people in my surrounding neighborhood who are doing the same and our little community makes life just a little better for each of us. It's cool. It seems society today everybody is trying to be organic or elemental getting back to basics, for me community and the love I get to give and receive from my ward family is just that. Basic

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

I'm 6 years into fatherhood. I'm learning that being a parent is a purging process. You cant be a good parent and be selfish. All your time, worry, money and energy go into these little people. I think It's the Lords next phase in preparing us to become selfless. I now see how much trust the Lord has in me and my wife to bless us with these little spirits. The Lord trusts me to provide them all that they will need to navigate this crazy world and become who they are meant to be. I've also experienced the stark contrast between my wife and I in rearing our children. Male and Female are not an accident and they both play a vital role in raising young children. I think back often to my best friend who was raised by his mom only. I think back to those days and wonder how she did it. She is Wonder Woman in my eyes. She did a fantastic job and her son is still my best friend today my best friend never wanted much, but I can tell you he would have given his right arm for a dad growing up. It just seems like our spirits need both parents. On those sleepless nights when one of my kids is sick or needs special attention, I thank god I have my wife to bless and help me and provide for whatever our children are asking for. Show more Show less