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Hi I'm Anna

About Me

I am a 42yo woman who grew up in a Catholic family of 8. When I was part of the Catholic Church, I went to Catholic school and was raised very actively in the church. My mother sometime after the 7th grade decided we should go to a public school, I believe it was because she could not afford the school tuition any longer. After this change I apostasized from the church completely. By the time I was 18 I was married to my first husband whom was a southern baptist. I remained Catholic during my marriage, we went on to have 2 wonderful children, a girl, then a boy. Twelve years later we eventually divorced and I think this was the lowest time in my life. One day 2 young male missionaries knocked at my door, they were eager to share some gospel information with me, but because I was a single female at this time they needed to ask the female missionaries to come and share with me. I only had to wait a day or two. I was very happy to recieve them into my home and talk with them. I knew at this point in my life something was missing and I needed to find out what it was. I used to sit in front of the mirror and ask the question "why am I here"? "What is my purpose"? The Missionaries shared the Book of Mormon with me and helped to answer some of my questions. My life was still in a mess at this time and I was not able to join the church then, but to my surprise 10 years later, I was married to my new husband and had a new stepson and eventually joined A Southern Baptist Church.

Why I am a Mormon

Some 5 more years past and things were happening at the Baptist church that I did not want to be a part of, so I stopped going. Some other drastic things happened in my life and I lost a friend who had at one point in time told me to stop reading the book of Mormon. I had always read it even though I was not part of that church. I had an opprtunity to go to Salt Lake City, UT and visited Temple Square. This was something I had dreamed of doing since those first Missionaries had told me about the Temple. It was a glorious site. Two months after my visit I got a knock at my door, now I am living in a new city and it was two female Missionaries again. I eagerly invited them in and they shared a wonderful message with me. I had pondered the events of my life and realized that I had been ignoring the promptings of the Holy Ghost and finally realized that God had sent his ministering Angels a second time to sift me. Just 2 months later I accepted the invitation to be baptized into The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. I am a Mormon because all the teachings the Missioanries had taught me were my beliefs all my life. I always new God had some purpose for me and I found out as an answer to that question that I was called and set apart to do the Lord's work. I have been a convert member for 2 years now and I am now living the Lord's plan of happiness.

Personal Stories

Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

I have a very strong desire to share the gospel with friends and family. Since I am a convert to the church, some of my friends and family are a bit angry with me. I try to explain gospel principals to them in the simplest ways to not cause arguments or contentions. Most of my friends have decided to keep their distance from me and my sister just quit talking to me at all. Jesus said these things would happen to me for his names sake. I just know in my heart that I love all these people no matter what, and they know not what they do, cause they do not understand. I do not give up on them, I send my sister letters in the mail with scriptures to help her questions and try to do bible studies with my friends to help them understand the teachings of the church. There is nothing complicated about the teachings of the church, it just that when a person has been taught one thing their whole life and then someone else comes along and tells them different, it is hard to accept. I rely heavily on the Holy Ghost through prayer to help prepare their hearts for his message of salvation and that he will heal them the same way he did me, and Paul of the New Testament. Patience is a virtue, and virtue went out from Christ and now so must it from me. I invite all who have contending questions about the Church's beliefs to search the scriptures and the messages of the prophets for yourselves, the answers are there, but you must pray first and ask for the help and guidance of the Holy Ghost having Faith that your answers will come. And when they do, its going to be like you could have had a V8, you will be so amazed at what the Teachings of the Holy Ghost can do for you. We Mormon's rely heavily on the Holy Ghost, he is the testifier of all truth.

How I live my faith

I love going to the Temple in San Antonio, I have a calling as church librarian and teach Gospel Principals to new members and volunteer in the nursery. I do visiting teaching with female members of the church. I now have a new adopted 10 yo daughter whom has been a member for 1 year and just recently enjoyed the conversions of my daughter who is now 20yo and my son in law. I try to stay focused through the teachings of the church which are to pray always, study the scriptures diligently and rely on the personal revelation of the Holy Ghost to help lead, guide and teach me. I enjoy an occassional trip out with the Missionaries to visit potential new members. The church has fully answered my questions of why I am here and what my purpose is. I am here to learn to progress in my intelligence, not just of temporal things, but mostly of spiritual things and to work out my salvation so that I can go home to my Heavenly Father. Part of my work here is to help my family and friends also understand their purpose and to assist them with their salvation as well. My purpose is to do the will of the Father, the same work Jesus did. I have a deep desire to help people understand the scriptures and to help them find the answers they are looking for. My testimony of this church is that it is The True Church of Christ. I know that is bold to say, but when the Holy Ghost has testified of the truth to you, you absolutly cannot deny it. I am living proof that the Lord knows your heart and he will sift you out and send his angelic ministering messengers to you, to call you into holiness, be watchful and be ready, for he is a quickening spirit. I invite you to come and see for yourself what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can do for you spiritually and emotionally and physically. My faith is my lamp that will light the path for you to find your way, it is and will always be an Ensign to the world, for all to come and know. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.