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Hi I'm Alanna

I'm raising 2 boys and working to develop my career in mathematics. I like numbers, sewing, cooking, crafts, and Lake Michigan.

About Me

I grew up as the youngest daughter in a family of 11 kids. Throughout my childhood and adolescence I loved sports and didn't pay to much attention to school. I played softball, soccer, basketball, and even joined the dive team my last two years of High School. It wasn't until after I graduated college that I became more interested in sewing, crafts, and cooking. I like homemaking because it helps me feel balanced. It took several years but I now have my bachelors degree in math and am working towards a degree in economics and a masters in math. After crunching numbers for years I like kicking back to bake a pie or re-upholstery my kids furniture. Sometimes my little boys make me crazy but most of the time they just make me smile and laugh. Being a mom is by far my favorite title. Well, maybe not at the grocery store after I hear my older boy apologize to the eggs for stepping on them. I feel at home in Indiana despite despising the cold weather. Every year I grumble all winter long about how cold it is outside. One of my favorite parts about living here is that the people are so nice and friendly. It isn't hard to find a friend no matter where I am or what I am doing.

Why I am a Mormon

I give a lot of credit to my mom and dad for raising me in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My parents would be the first to admit that they weren't perfect in raising us kids but because of them I know my Savior and I know He loves me. My conversion wasn't a bright flash of light and then "I knew". Instead it was through practice and observation that my light came on slowly. I have never doubted that God loves me and knows me but I did fervently ask Him to know if this church is truly Christ's church restored to the earth and if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if our prophet today is His prophet. I am a logical person and I feel comfortable integrating my heart and my mind. As I would ask those questions I would just feel good, feel peace, and feel happy. The Spirit speaks to my heart and my mind is able to understand. Throughout the years of practicing my faith I have felt the peace the Gospel brings and through gradual steps in my childhood to my adulthood I came to know the truthfulness of this church. I'm a Mormon because I know its true, not because my mom and dad told me. I decided for myself. Through reading the Bible and Book of Mormon I have come to know who my Savior is and the role he plays in my life. Most importantly though is that I know he loves me, he knows me, he heals me. I know this is Christ's church because the church brought me to Him and still brings me to Him.

How I live my faith

As a member of the church I've had different opportunities to live my faith in several ways. When I turned 21 I took a couple years off from school and served as a missionary for the church for 18 months. Throughout the whole experience I felt very close to my Savior as I worked in partnership with Him to help others learn about the happiness and joy that come from living His gospel and drawing closer to Him. Currently isn't not very feasible to be working as a full time missionary. I have a husband and two little boys that like having me around. My number one goal now is it pass it forward to my boys what my parents did for me. I can't think of any greater gift I can give my children than to help them develop their own relationship with God and testimony of their Savior. It warms my heart every time we sit down to pray and they offer their sweet simple prayers. Sometimes the Lightning McQueen car gets blessed a few times during the day but I am sure God understands. I try to teach them to love each other and those they come in contact with. I have them participate when we go to help and give service to others. Currently I am assigned as the compassionate service leader in my ward. That means whenever there is somebody who needs a hand, meal, or help I coordinate the efforts of others to make sure we take care of that person. A few examples would be: Whenever a family has a baby I coordinate with others to bring meals to their house for a couple of weeks. When there is a funeral at the church I coordinate to have a meal prepared and served to the family and friends who are grieving. When somebody comes home sick from the hospital we will bring meals to them for a few days as they recover. If somebody is sick we will help tidy their house, or watch their kids, or anything else we can think of to help them out. Most I just look out for people who need help and then draw from the collective resources of other members of the ward to meet those needs.

What is the Law of Chastity?

The Law of Chastity is and having sexual relations at the right time. Its a big deal to bring a child into this world and its a sacred power that God has given us. Its a beautiful and special time when loving parents welcome a new spirit into this world and are prepared to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of that child. The Law of Chasity is here to help us to use our powers of creation carefully. It is in place to help us to join with God in the happiness that comes from raising a child in partnership with Him. It is also there to help protect us from using our power to create in a time that is not best for us or the child. Quite literally somebody's life is at stake and that is why we need to be modest in our appearance, language, and actions. As anyone knows, raising a child is no easy task and isn't something to be messing with if you aren't in a stable loving marriage. Continuing to keep the Law of Chastity while married helps to maintain the relationship needed to have the spirit and love in your home. I know in raising children, I need all the stability and spirit I can get. Show more Show less