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Hi I'm Bret

I am a Father to nine children, I am a mechanical engineer for an aerospace company, I am a husband of 28 years and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Ever since I was young I really like to know how things work. Sometimes I take things apart just to see what's going on inside. Like my mother's sewing machine when I was sixteen and my father's sick car at fifteen. So mechanical engineering was a natural fit for me as a career. My family says that I can fix anything. I am a real do-it-yourself kind of guy, when it comes to cars and home improvement projects. At work, I organize and sequence the tasks needed to accomplish major projects that involve many disciplines and meticulous attention to details. The result is a safe aircraft that can be used to help defend our freedom and the freedom of other nations. Learning all of the different systems that are functioning on an aircraft is just fascinating to me. Plus I get to see the finished product delivered to the customer. I really enjoy my job. I was recently recognized for 25 years of service to my company. It seems like just yesterday I started working my dream job. Now I need to start thinking about retirement. My wife and I have nine kids that we are raising. Three are home grown's, four are adopted and two that we have custody of. We have also had countless foster kids in our home. From overnight to several months. We are "parents" to all of them. We were blessed with a large home that has given us the ability to accommodate those who needed a place to stay. Our lives have been so blessed by their presence in our home and the love that they have shown us.

Why I am a Mormon

My family has been part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints almost from the start of the church back in the 1830's. So I was raised with the gospel of Jesus Christ as an integral part of my life. I always believed what I was taught but while I was away at college, I came to the realization that I needed to come to know Christ like my parents know Him. I felt that I needed to know if I was just following a social norm or if there truly was a God in Heaven who loved me and wanted the best for me. I wanted to know if following the teachings of Christ would ultimately be in vain or if God really did expect me to love my neighbor. I spent many hours reading and praying. As a result of my efforts, I received a confirmation by the Holy Spirit that has secured my faith through many trials. To me, the Church represents a pillar of truth that I can rely on even when the world around me looses faith in God. When I see the choices people make each day to push away on God and religion in general, it's no wonder that society is faltering. The guidance that I get from the holy scriptures and inspired church leaders helps me to stay focused on what truly matters and what will bring true happiness in the end. I am confident that God desires to bless us with what we need to succeed in this life, but more importantly, through eternity. His immense understanding, wisdom and direction should be what we live by.

How I live my faith

Part of coming to know Christ is knowing what his teachings are trying to get us to do. He has given us the knowledge of the Father's will. He knows what is holding us back from receiving the blessings of our loving Heavenly Father. As individuals, as families, as a church, as a community and as the whole human family, He is anxious to help us succeed. He has provided the way. That includes helping others along the way. When I am helping someone else, I feel it is a natural extension of my love for Him. That is why I am so willing to jump in and help even perfect strangers. God knows them and loves them also. Jesus taught us to love them and help them, even if they are not following God's will, even if they are our enemy. He also taught us to forgive others. It's not easy to forgive someone who has hurt you. But I have learned that harboring anger only hurts me as a person and destroys any chance of reconciling with the one that hurt me. I made a commitment when I was baptized to always remember Him and keep His commandments. I have found that when I do this, I am a happier person and others are blessed as well. Regular attendance at church helps to remind me of these commitments and keep my life in harmony with His teachings. This helps me to be a better father, husband, neighbor and friend. The gospel of Jesus Christ has brought so much peace and joy to my life. I love to see others come to know Christ. The miraculous change that comes into their lives is just so amazing. That is why I love to work with the missionary effort in our area. I get to see this mighty change come to those who are truly seeking to know God and Jesus Christ for themselves. As the Mission Leader for our congregation, I get to conduct baptismal services. What a joy that is to me. It also reminds me of the mighty change that came over me when I found the truth.

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

God is the creator of our bodies. He designed them with all of the features we need for life on earth. He understands how they work and how they react to different things. He knows what makes them stronger and what makes them weaker. He knows how our spirit is affected by our bodies. It makes sense that we should look to him for guidance on how to take care of them. He wants us to be healthy and happy in this life. That is why He gave the children of Isreal the laws of health, detailed directions about food and food preparation that was specific to their time. Back in 1833, He gave some specific directions to Joseph Smith about what we should and should not do with our bodies. It is know in our church as the Word of Wisdom. It tells us specifically that we should stay away from all forms of tobacco and do not drink alcohol, coffee or tea. It also tells us what we should do. We should eat more whole grains, fruits and vegies. It tells us that meats are good but should be used sparingly. A lot of this makes sense to us today with what sceince has learned about the human body, but keep in mind that this was given to us in 1833. These things will harm us physically as well as spiritually. That is why God gave us these words of wisdom. The church places a lot of emphasis on adhereing to this law of health. It may seem a little strick to some, but personally, I see the wisdom in it, and I have no problem following it. I know God loves me and wants the best for me, so I trust him. Show more Show less