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Hi I'm Szucceed

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was baptized in 1999 while studying Filmmaking and Acting as a sophomore in college. I am the first and only one so far in my family to be baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In July of 2002 I was married in the Salt Lake Temple to my wife Christina. I graduated film school in 2003 and immediately started working as a professional actor and video producer. In 2006, I became a general manager for a company and am now the Vice President of Operations for the same company. In December of 2009 we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! I love playing sports...football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, GOLF...I love being a father to an amazing little girl...I love being a husband to a wonderful, beautiful woman...and I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Why I am a Mormon

I chose to be baptized because the Spirit confirmed to me the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith's role in restoring the gospel. I met with many missionaries many times and enjoyed my time hanging out and playing soccer and basketball with guys my age who stood for something they believed in. They taught me many lessons. My girlfriend was LDS and she was a amazing example to me. I came to find out that my girlfriends father was also LDS :) He introduced me to the Church...and asked me many questions and shared his testimony with me countless times. Having been around all these wonderful people, it should have been easy to just go ahead and join the Church. But, it wasn't easy. I had many worries. What would my friends say? What would my family say? What about my career? I won't be able to do the "fun" things anymore. Regardless of all the strength and support i was given by the missionaries, my girlfried and her family...i was still unsure. It wasn't untl i read the Book of Mormon and prayed about its truthfulness that I found out for myself that it is the word of God...and if it is the word of God, then Joseph Smith surely was a prophet called to restore Christ's church and bring forth the Book of Mormon to the entire world. I received my own special witness and testimony through prayer that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's Church. This truth has completely changed my life for the better! By living the teachings and standards of the Church, my friends respect me more...I've grown closer to my family more than ever before...and my career is even better than i had hoped and imagined! And to top it off...I'm married to my girlfrend for time and all eternity and we have a beautiful daughter. This kind of eternal happiness can't be found anywhere else...this is God's plan...and this is why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints since July of 1999. The first 3 years after joining the Church I was asked to teach the primary children ages 8-10. How intimidatng it was for me to teach such spiritual giants! I honestly learned more from them than they did from me :) I loved them dearly...and to this day, even now that they have graduated high school and some off on their missions...they still come up to me and remind me of the fun lessons we had in Primary! Since 2003, I have been serving as a youth leader to boys age 12-18. What an amazing journey it has been! I have gone on many campouts and high adventures, as the Church is heavily involved with the Boy Scouts of America. Being able to experience the physical and spiritual ups and downs with these boys has brought me a greater love for my Savior. My testimony has been strengthened so much by working with the youth. It has been such a joy to serve God's children! How I live my faith has truly been a blessing in my life and the life of my family. Not a day goes by that we don't pray together as a family. Prayer is essential in knowing what God wants us to do! We try earnestly to read the scriptures daily and attend church every Sunday. We keep ourselves clean and pure by not consuming things or doing things that can harm our bodies and spirits...and we never hesitate to pay our tithing! With everything that God has blessed us with...tithing is such a small thing that is asked of us. Being a member of the Church demands alot of faith. It can seem quite daunting to some...but all in all...it boils down to this: We have been given 2 ultimate commandments...to love God with all we have...and to love our neighbors as ourselves. I have striven to do just that in all that I do and in how I live my life...because I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ...and we are all brother's and sisters who need to look after each other.